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Conservatives of all stripes hoping Ontario voters have short memories; are mean-spirited

Last year, ‘Progressive’ Conservative leader Tim Hudak presented a bill that would give a 10 per cent wage subsidy for employers who hire skilled newcomers. Now he’s out there attacking the Ontario Liberals for proposing something very similar – tax credits for businesses that hire immigrants.

A few months ago, the federal Conservatives appealed to the ethnic communities in Canada’s big cities, with a proposal to provide loans for “skills training and accreditation”. Yet all of a sudden, Dean Del Maestro, MP for Peterborough and Harper’s secretary is attacking this as being discriminatory – apparently towards “young white males” if you read his reference to himself. I’m not sure I’ll hold it completely against Del Maestro – from what I’ve observed of him, he probably didn’t know that his party had proposed that immigrant policy. I’ll await with pleasure his statement attacking his own party’s policy on this.

The point is that a) Ontario voters need to see the hypocrisy in both positions of the Federal and Provincial Conservatives (forget the “Progressive” part of the Ontario party – they’re anything but in Hudak’s version, something I’ll get to in a second), b) both these parties are hoping Ontarions forget their own proposals that were very similar to this and c) both Conservative parties are trying to exploit fear and division to get votes.

When you have 2 former Ontario Progressive Conservative leaders (John Tory and Ernie Eves) attacking their former party for bringing US style Tea Party politics to Ontario, or that this is the politics of division that Ontarions don’t need, you know how far right-wing the Ontario Conservatives have gone.

Heck, when their own team is calling Ernie Eves, the former Premier and former right hand man of Mike Harris a left-wing “pinko re-tread”, draw your own conclusions.


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