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The Ontario election (un)officially starts today (and it’s a horserace)

I’m fairly confident in saying that other then political junkies, not a lot of attention was paid to the Ontario election campaign by potential voters in Ontario. With Labour Day come and gone and a month left until Election Day, that officially changes.

Conveniently, we have a new provincial poll out from Nanos Research, conducted on behalf of CTV and the Globe and Mail, showing a tighter race. When rounded, it’s basically PC’s 35, Liberals 32, and NDP 23. Comparing to the previous Nanos poll, it appears that voters aren’t too enthralled yet. The PC’s and Liberals are both down between 5-7%, while the NDP made some gains. It is now a much tighter race now with a month to go, and it must be making those pundits at Sunmedia who were confidently predicting 2-3 months ago that Tim Hudak would just need to smile at the cameras, and voters would hand him a comfortable majority a bit nervous. It goes along with other polls that have recently indicated a tightening race.

Over the weekend, the Liberals hope to further that nervousness, when they released their election platform to the public, which can be read here. The main thrust of that message from Premier Dalton Mcguinty is that they’re being responsible with their platform:

Featuring just 45 new, fully costed commitments to help Ontario families stay on track, the Liberal platform offers a stark contrast to the 229 promises in the PC platform and the 119 in the NDP platform. Our platform is the only one that has been costed by an economist — Scotiabank Chief Economist Warren Jestin — who confirmed that our numbers add up.

It looks to be an interesting month shaping up.


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