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‘Je me souviens’…..

I thought I’d reflect a bit on yesterday’s funeral service of Jack Layton. I could go into a bit more detail of why I think certain right wing media columnists are lashing out at the public reaction or Jack’s farewell letter, but I think I’ll leave that for another day next week. Today, it’s about reflection.

Certain things that stood out yesterday for me include:

-seeing the personal side of Mr. Layton through his 2 children.
-seeing the political side as orated by Stephen Lewis -a very powerful political statement that may have made some uncomfortable, but I don’t think could or should have been avoided.
-seeing some of the more light-hearted moments, including a very spry 77 year old Jean Chretien climbing over a crowd control barrier to do an interview.

Lastly, a Liberal political acquaintance in Toronto had posted a picture of herself on Facebook writing a chalk message at Nathan Phillips Square – one of the legions of people spontaneously deciding to do so and creating those remarkable tributes. I asked her if it wasn’t too personal to ask what she wrote, and she replied back “Je me souviens” – I remember. I liked that so much that I borrowed that phrase to use as the title of this blogpost; hopefully she doesn’t mind, if she reads this.

Perhaps another phrase should be added to that wall somewhere – “Nous nous souvenons” – We remember. It’s apparent a lot of people will not forget this week in Canadian political history – or Jack Layton. I am hopeful the events of the past week will help change politics in this country for the better.

By the way, the best moment of the whole funeral for me was this:


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