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On that Blatchford column

There has been lots of ink, tweets and blogposts written and spilled over Christie Blatchford’s rather controversial National Post column about the public and media reaction to Jack Layton’s death and/or his farewell letter.

What I’ll say is this; she of course has the right to say whatever she wants – we live in a free country after all. Some are questioning if this was the proper time to say it, but I’m looking at it more from the angle that if this had been a Conservative high ranking politician, or a high ranking General or Policeman who had died far too young and who had left words of a similar tone (neither of which can do no wrong, according to her, based on Blatchford’s previous columns on either topic), would that be too far over the top for her if the shoe was on the other foot? I somehow suspect not.

UPDATE: It appears the National Post columnists are doubling down on their anti-sentiment stance towards Mr. Layton – they must figure they can poach some of SunMedia’s readership.


12 comments to On that Blatchford column

  • sunsin

    The writers of the Notional Past write what their employers want them to write. Surprised? What do you expect from the staff of a newspaper that by the rules of private enterprise should have folded up into bankruptcy years ago?

  • Roll Tide

    I agree with Jason..and rabbit. What you do not want is another Paul Wellstone funeral.
    You will get a backlash.

  • My theory about why the far-right is so disturbed by the accolades for Layton and the grief shown over his passing is that they challenge the kind of agenda that neocons have been pushing for years. To see a nation united in mourning for a man who valued the collective over the individual, who suggested that we are more than simply homo economicus, is deeply threatening to their cause.

  • Redrum

    Make that ‘triples down’: the not o- Kay Barbara was coming to the aid of her son Jonathan, who came to Blatch’s

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  • rabbit

    Layton was highly accomplished and achieved amazing things, but he was no saint.

    The tsunami of praise for Layton has been so overwhelming — and at times over the top — that some skepticism is refreshing.

  • Certainly Christie Blatchford is free to speak her mind. I think she could have expressed her thought about remembrance and mourning by stating that she didn’t have deep thoughts about Jack Layton’s life while others did.

    Blatchford can comment about the political nature of Layton’s letter. She didn’t have to like it, although I wish she had understood why Layton wrote it. Perhaps he was preparing us for his death. Perhaps he was preparing himself. I don’t know.

    Some commenters talked about infamous people. Will people wait a week before publishing negative comments if Gaddafi dies tomorrow? Probably not.

    As for Stephen Harper recommending that Jack Layton receive a state funeral, I don’t think he will start giving state funerals to all his Conservative friends who die. He did cancel the half-masting of the Canadian flag after a soldier had died in combat.

  • I don’t know Scott. I think Blatchford and Kay have a point. In fact, when Diana died I wrote an article to similar effect for my high school newspaper. If anything, by doing this now Harper has given himself the ability to pick and choose who gets state funerals at whim so that he CAN treat high ranking Conservatives who do not otherwise merit it in this manner. That’s precisely what protocol is meant to avoid.

  • Jason

    But what about the Broccoli Mandate Scott? And Stalin, do you denounce Stalin? Huh? Well do you?

  • McGuire

    Then do you condemn those on Twitter who say they wish it was Mr. Harper dead instead of Jack?? Seems to me that that is far more despicable than anything said by Blatchford

  • Yes she can write what she wants but it showed a complete lack of class on her part. It’s the usual hate mongering & diatribe (oops) that has become popular since Harper took office. Why the neo-conservatives have to resort to such low standards escapes me. I expect they will flame out in time…people especially from the centre grow weary of the mud slinging and look elsewhere!

  • janfromthebruce

    I agree Scott!

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