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Another neck and neck poll in Ontario

More unsettling polling news for the Ontario PC’s and their leader Tim Hudak:

With less than eight weeks to go before Ontarians head to the polls, the race between the Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals has tightened, with the Tories five points ahead among decided voters, a new poll suggests. The Nanos Research poll — conducted between August 10 and August 13 for CTV, The Globe and Mail and CP24 — found the Liberals are on an upswing, closing the gap slightly with the Tories. According to the poll, support sits at 42.1 per cent for the Progressive Conservatives, 37.6 per cent for the Liberals, 16.2 per cent for the New Democratic Party, 3.4 per cent for the Green Party. The poll also found that 17 per cent of voters remain undecided. The Liberals made the biggest gains, surging nearly four points since May..

Sure, it’s only one poll, but it confirms the Ipsos-Reid poll last week that showed a neck and neck race (and Conservative support dropping). I figured we wouldn’t see a lot of poll movement until after Labour Day, when everyone was back from holidays and presumably paying more attention when the election was lass then a month away, but if the polls are narrowing already, then Hudak and his PC party are in a bit of trouble.

UPDATE: When Liberals get it out there to more people how involved Hudak was in the Harris government, you might see a closer race still. There may be voter fatigue in some corners and some anger in some corners with some policies, but a lot of voters still recoil at memories of what Mike Harris did – and letting people know about Hudak’s involvement in that loathed government won’t help him.


2 comments to Another neck and neck poll in Ontario

  • Roll Tide

    If you are struggling with weeds, grubs, or chinch bugs, on your lawn, you can thank Dalton McGuinty for banning effective economical, Health Canada approved, lawn care products. Golf courses are exempt, McGuinty wants to play Golf on a nice playing surface. He just does not want YOUR lawn to look as good.

  • BemusedLurker

    This is the standard tactic of Right wing owned news organizations. Early and often editorialize your dismay with the lack of any competent leadership on the left. Its funny how if it is said often enough it becomes reality.

    And under no condition allow anyone to bring up the actual record of those on the right… That becomes an attack add. Of course, it is fair game for the third party advertising to do the same to the left.

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