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A rather meaningless poll

I see Nanos is trumpeting a poll that says the Conservatives have fallen back into minority territory, while the Liberals have made big gains.

It’s nice to see Conservative support slipping. Unfortunately, the Conservatives have the luxery of not caring about polls for 3 and a half more years. As for the Liberals, I’ll wait til we pick a new leader and see how that leader does in handling Conservative attack ads before I get too excited.


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  • ck

    Why on earth would Nik Nanos do a poll in the middle of a heatwave? Then again, perhaps he needs a reason to get up in the morning.

    However, what’s done is done, and I’ll play. For openers, let’s be real. I don’t think half of Canadians believe that Bob Rae isn’t going to try for permanent leader, even if he ‘promised’ not to. Wouldn’t be the first time a politician goes back on his word. And who would really fault him? Not that Rae is a great candidate (I can see the Harper/Giorno attack ads now),but he’s the best of the bad. Is there a viable candidate? Will there be a viable candidate come 2013? Not Justin Trudeau, that’s for sure. He’s not ready for prime time. Nor will he be come 2013. This is why I don’t necessarily buy the Nanos explanation of the “no leader” for Liberals for the boost in their numbers.

    As for cons not caring about polls for 3.5 years, well, yes and no. It has become apparent that, despite their majority, they’re still in campaign mode. I mean, that little performance at the Ford bbq, for one, and that other performance at the Calgary Stampede for another. We haven’t seen the end of such partisan behavior and stump speeches from them.

    All that said though, the margin of error in that poll is 6.2%. That is quite steep.

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