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We’ve seen this movie before..

A day or so ago, Harper came out at the Mayor of Toronto’s private picnic calling for a defeat of the Ontario Liberal government, which was published on Youtube. Some folks are a bit perturbed at Harper’s intervention into provincial politics, but it’s not like he hasn’t done it before. He issued the same call 4 years ago in a more public show of support for then PC leader John Tory, so his partisanship isn’t exactly (or shouldn’t be) surprising. I’d have been shocked if he hadn’t, quite frankly.

I’m more surprised the Youtube video was quickly taken down (still is down the last I had looked earlier this AM). It’s not like no one knows Harper wants McGuinty gone; he’s called for that before, so I’m not sure why someone would hastily pull it down for some fear of embarrassment (too late for that – the national media picked up on it and reported it), other then perhaps the video violated copyright?


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  • Roll Tide

    I do not know what the fuss is all about. McGuinty endorsed Ignatieff, Chretien endorsed McGuinty. They are of the same party. Why not. Big deal.
    It all means nothing.

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