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A non-NDP contrarian POV on how much Turmel’s political affiliations will hurt the NDP

I’ve been on vacation this week and viewing the controversy over Nycole Turmel, the NDP interim leader who has a recent BQ past and still supports Action Solidaire today – with some interest, as you might guess. I’ve not been on to comment on it because of being on said vacation. I have some time now though, and here’s my thoughts.

Briefly, I’m not sure this is going to hurt the NDP nationally as much as the media think (particularly the Globe and Mail; they seem to be the ones publicizing the most editorials/op-eds about it):

A) It’s summer – people aren’t paying attention to politics. The impact of this publicity will be muted on the general public.

B) She’s an interim leader – whether that means giving the reins back to a hopefully better Jack Layton, or in a worst-case circumstance, the NDP have to pick a new permanent leader. Either way, she won’t be around in the next general election to answer to her political views in a leadership debate.

C) The aforementioned election is 3 1/2 years from now, not 3 and a half months. I’m betting that no one will be bringing this up as an election issue at the next election, or if they do, it won’t resonate that much with the public, except with Conservatives, who weren’t going to vote for the NDP anyhow.

Kind of a Turmel in a teapot, in otherwards, in my view.

(Not defending her, by the way – I just don’t see it as a fatal blow, or the beginning of the end for the NDP, or whatever. We’ll see in 3 1/2 years if I’m right or not).


4 comments to A non-NDP contrarian POV on how much Turmel’s political affiliations will hurt the NDP

  • b_nichol

    Re: A) true
    B) again, true
    C) as Mssrs. Dion and Ignatieff can attest, never underestimate the stupidity and vitriol that the Rovian-like Contempts are capable of disgorging.

  • marie

    I am a BC Liberal and having been a BC resident for over 40 years, I have seen BC become a prosperous province with Campbell’s leadership. The NDP were driving business right out of here and nearly broke my province. As for the Cons, they were never popular here and neither was the Reform Alliance party. I believe BC citizens in general as well as business establishments are happy with the liberals and will support them this time around. I know I will and so will my children.

    Be careful what you wish for GJ,wishing ill on others is not always good policy and you may end up with rotten egg all over your own face.

  • G.J.W.

    Jack Layton is a veteran politician. He chose Turmel, so I doubt that is of any importance.

    Myself, I would voter for anyone, who would separate BC from Harper’s clutches. So, I can hardly point a finger at Turmel. Then we could throw the BC Liberals, right of the planet.

  • I agree. I have resisted posting as I do see this as going away. On the plus side Mme Turmel is getting a taste of things to come and will be in much stronger fighting form in the House if required to do so!

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