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Sunmedia’s business model – attack the CBC

A brief observation: Wherever I turn, whether it be Ezra Levant’s raving on in the Sun tabloids, or Brian Lilley on SunTv, or even David Akin on Twitter questioning CBC policy or standards (which I find amusing by the way – since it’s David’s news organization who withdrew from the Ontario Press Council so that any minimum outside supervision of how it conducts its activities would be removed. No nasty oversight for them on press ethics or practices, but let’s bash others for theirs – talk about holier then thou), it’s become clear that the raison d’etre for SunMedia is to attack the CBC – for anything remotely trivial.

They must feel it goes over well with their viewers (such as there is), or they’re perhaps hoping to enrage CBC supporters into defending that network as a means of generating controversy -  in order to try and get people to watch their network.

By the way, speaking of standards, I understand that  the guys and gals on SunTV – be it their hosts or their guests they invited on during the day of the Norway massacre – were seeming to blame this attack on Muslims, or for Norway allowing Muslim immigrants, etc, in the initial moments after the attack, before, you know, actual facts came in. I don’t make a habit of watching Sun TV, so I’m curious if any of them have bothered to apologize/retract.


5 comments to Sunmedia’s business model – attack the CBC

  • Rob

    I looked on the Sun site recently and I could not find video postings before the facts were in. It looks like saying it was Muslim terrorists never happened. Every media outlet has a little bias, be it to the left, right, or center, but I have a hard time believing that any corporation would so aggressively, and openly push an agenda as the Sun does. Things have changed in Canada, sadly, for the worse.
    And to Adam’s point, You may be right that the CBC should apologize. The facts are that Breivik was a terrorist pushing a far right wing agenda. What he did was so far from Christian, that he does not deserve to be called Christian.

  • Adam

    The folks at Sun Media will likely apologize for that immediately after the folks at CBC apologize/retract their statement that Breivik was a Christian terrorist.

  • Lorne, you said it perfectly. Apologizing is not manly. Neither is intelligence.

  • Although I recognize the irony in your last sentence, I can’t resist saying that you shouldn’t hold your breath for either an apology or a retraction. As I’m sure you know, the right-wing rabble regards any acknowledgement of error or excess as a sign of weakness.

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