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All the best to Jack Layton

It was with some shock that I saw yesterday that Mr. Layton was temporarily stepping down as NDP leader (and leader of the Official Opposition) because of new cancer discovered in his body. The only good news about that is that its apparently an “unrelated” bout of cancer to his prostate cancer, and isn’t a metastasized form of it, but he still has a battle on his hands, and he didn’t look very good in his brief press conference yesterday.

I’m not going to speculate on what this does to the NDP in the Fall as others have done; I’m just going to wish Jack all of my best wishes and the hope he can defeat this new enemy as well. I think that most other Canadians think the same thing, notwithstanding the loathsome comments from some readers in the Toronto Sun online section that the Sun was forced to close down because of their loathsomeness. Nice readership.

UPDATE: In fairness to the Sun, they had a classy editorial wishing Jack the best. I just wish some more of their readers would show the same graciousness.


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  • Beerbob

    I wish Jack the strength he needs to beat this. As to the Sun, well, I’ve read the Ottawa version of it, and it just seems to have an editorial agenda. Not even what you might call a political leaning, like the Globe and Mail represents your sort of ordinary buttoned-down small “C” capitalist, Canadian style, or the Star being a bit green and lefty. Sun papers seem to hold up a kind of mirror meant to reflect a sort of peasant conservatism, with easily inflamed outrage at a pretty standard list of straw men, a kind of murky, sophomoric tough guy individualism, and a pretty consistent attitude towards economics that would, if everybody that worked for a living believed it, help create a dream society for hedge fund managers, and nobody else. It really reminded me of Fox News.

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