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Any of you feel sorry for Rupert Murdoch?

Poor guy. Some “rogue” employees at News of The World decide to hack into some phones, and he’s forced to shutter the 148 year old tabloid (the first newspaper he bought, incidentally), plus his bid to buy a majority bid into SkyNews (the major competitor to the BBC) gets scuttled as well.

I’m broken up here, I can tell you.

I wonder about Fox News, and what’s been going on there. Have they kept their noses clean? The FBI investigation may shed light into that.


7 comments to Any of you feel sorry for Rupert Murdoch?

  • I cant say that i feel sorry at all. I’m in the US and we have to deal with FOX news’ political tabloid journalism. It’s really causing a huge rift between the political parties hear. So much so that they really can’t get anything done. They aren’t worried about the people as much as their own party.

  • stan

    Bob Wooodward used illegally obtained information from the phone company during the Watergate investigations….

  • Roll Tide

    I feel as sorry for Murdoch as much as I feel sorry for those who sympathized and printed Julian Assange Wikileaks.

    CBC, Toronto Star, New York Times………..

    Murdoch shut down the News of the World.

  • kat

    It’s all the Liberals fault…. bawhahahahaha

    Ya I feel so bad ROTFLMAO

  • ck

    Sniff! Oh yeah! I feel sooooo bad for poor Rupie & Jimmy! What ever will they does? Gee, I hope Rupie will get over the shaving cream incident.

    As for Murdoch’s American holdings. Too early to tell just yet. But something tells me there is more to hide on this side of the pond.

  • ridenrain

    George Soros and his media matters palls clearly are kicking into spin overdrive.

    • ck

      Oh Ridobrain, a typical troll, spewing irrelevent swill as usual. Now, run along, I hear your mommy calling you. She needs the computer now.

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