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‘It is SO hot out’. ‘How hot out is it?’

We’re in the middle of a Canadian wide heat-wave here (with the exception of the east and west coasts); one of the more extensive ones we’ve had in a while.

I thought it might be fun to do one of those “It is so hot out” threads. The obvious one people can come up with is “you can fry an egg on the sidewalk” (and you probably will be able to on Thursday in SW Ontario – forecast highs are 36-38 deg Celsius, before the humidity), but I’d like to see other examples people can come up with.

IF you’re really creative, try giving the answer in a political context.


3 comments to ‘It is SO hot out’. ‘How hot out is it?’

  • Big Winnie

    It’s so hot, the shadows are looking for shade!

  • wondering

    It’s so hot that a sprinkle of baking soda turns beach sand to glass.

    (Not here. I’m on Vancouver Island, where I’m begging for some sun so that my garden will grow. Poor stunty vegetables.)

  • Unfortunately, its too hot for me to think of anything clever — at least, that’s my excuse for today!

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