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Money isn’t everything.

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Only after the last tree has been cut down,

Only after the last river has been poisoned,

Only after the last fish has been caught,

…Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

— Cree Indian Prophecy


I’ve no particular reason or thing I’m thinking about in posting this; I just find it very prophetic.

Of course, the conservatives and capitalists todaywho support environmentally dubious projects  (cough, cough, tarsands) would probably rebut that by the time this happens, they’ll be long dead and buried.  They’re more concerned about making a buck here and now – the future means nothing to this bunch.


5 comments to Money isn’t everything.

  • Observer

    Cheating, by pushing costs onto your kids grandchildren while taking the benefits today, is what all Conservative economic policies amount to.

    It’s what a corporate tax cut today while we’re running a deficit means: the people who pay back the government loans to fund the deficit are just being born now.

    As the two previous commentators have noted, the Liberals have been cheating too. For every “save the Earth from global warming” liberal out there, there’s also a well connected John Manley “I’ll take the money now, thank you” type Liberal out there wrecking the overall party message.

    Conservatives don’t have to worry about mixed messages. It’s no surprise that Liberal party support has collapsed ever since 2004…people prefer to vote for real cheaters rather than half hearted cheater-lites.

  • ridenrain

    Much like asbestos or all that off shore oil drilling on the east coast.
    These things are fine when the Libs are in power but suddenly become toxic when someone else takes over.

    • Redrum

      the same ol’ reflexive “hypocrite!” defense mechanism, eh, Bubba & Bill?

      Lame. And what are you even doing here?

      “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

      First of all, Scott’s only been a blogging Lib since ’06, when the Libs were already out of power, and for all you know, he’s opposed all these issues in private communications to the LPS before that, so he personally can hardly be charged with hypocrisy.

      Secondly, its through grassroots opinions like this that the Libs’ policies will diverge away from the blue streak you’ve noted (if they get any traction), so he’s not being a hypocrite, he’s being an activist.

      Thirdly, you’re doing the very thing you’re trying to saddle him with, seemingly to try to stifle or blunt the force of his criticism: being a hypocrite, by tacitly conceding the validity of the observation and complaint, but going on to ignore doing anything about the issue by attacking the messenger and his associates.

      Which is a pretty pukey thing to do, worthy only of a toad.

  • sharonapple88

    It is weird to go after your competitor like this without having any differentiation to your own position

    A few months back, here were the positions on the tar sands that got people in a tizzy. The Conservatives aren’t interested in cap and trade.. The Conservatives also do things like leaving out emissions data from the oilsands on reports to the UN.

    In Ontario, there’s the Greenbelt and the closure of coal plants.

  • bubba

    Good comment. What is the Liberal position on the development you critisize? It is weird to go after your competitor like this without having any differentiation to your own position. It is quite a “bunch” of hypocracy. You have no base to stand on and you are sinking fast,

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