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A Royal prediction..

..after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (otherwise known as Will and Kate) depart from Canada, support for a continued role for the Monarchy in Canada – as long as it’s William and Kate at the helm – is going to go over 65%. That’s how successful I think this tour has been and will be for the Monarchy once it ends.

Update: A further thought; Prime Minister Harper has been called by some – both in this country and in Britain – as the most pro-monarchist PM Canada has had in 50 years. I’m sure he wouldn’t be so open about that if he didn’t believe it was part of the voting coalition that brought him to power or might help keep him in power. Don’t underestimate that political calculation on his part, if he thinks it’s going to help him win seats/votes (particularly if support for the monarchy is rising among the younger people of Canada because of Kate and William).


2 comments to A Royal prediction..

  • ck

    I hope you’re wrong. Just another example of how Canada is going backwards, not forewards, right along with tough on crime, neutering labour unions, decimating the welfare state, etc. etc. All this under a brainwashed electorate.

    A population who all flocked to paliament Hill. I wonder how many of them actually voted? How many of them are actually aware? How many actually understand our democracy or increasingly lack thereof. I find that far more frightening.

    Big shiny things like what Kate is wearing supercedes whether or not there will be jobs tomorrow, and I mean better than Tim Horton’s jobs, which appear to be the only kind of jobs Harper creates.

    William talking about the pride and joy that is the Afghan war, while Historian and my former History professor, Graeme Decarie, tells Dan Delmar on the radio on Canada Day that he has no idea why we’re in Afghanistan in the first place, because we have no business being there.

    Is this what we’re reduced to? Asbestos, milistary industrial complex and shiny things? Embarrassing!

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