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Nothing new here

A new Nanos poll comes out today that shows the Conservatives slightly increasing their standing from the May 2, 2011 election results. This should be no great surprise; Parliament has barely sat since the results and is about to go in its break for the summer til September, and if you thought the electorate was disengaged before the last election, they’re hardly going to be now with summer approaching. What was done during this brief Parliament sitting was a threatened back to work legislation of Air Canada employees and a bill in the making to legislate Canada Post striking workers back to work. I would gander both actions or threatened actions would be more popular then not among the public, regardless of whether it’s a sledgehammer move or not.

The real test after September 2011 will be when Parliament sits and Harper unveils his plans or new bills or priorities, when the public is paying slightly more attention. Even then, polls like this aren’t going to mean much until we see some controversial legislation come through, or about a year before the election.


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