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I support the middle path timeline subamendment for the Liberal Party Leadership Vote

I’m away visiting my folks for the weekend (for Father’s Day, the immediate family is getting together), but I decided to interrupt my sojourn and get on here just to say that I think that Jeff Jedras – fellow Liberal blogger and also a delegate at this Liberal Extraordinary Convention this weekend – has put forth an amendment that is worthy of support.

Read more of it at Jeff’s site, but it basically boils down to Jeff arguing that while the current 6 month time line for choosing the new Liberal leader int he LPC constitution may be too short… what the Liberal Leadership executive is offering as the alternative is far too long and drawn out. Jeff proposes a “third option” in between those – what I call the middle path.

I probably don’t have a lot of influence amongst this group, but for those delegates who consider themselves ‘grass-rootish’, I do urge you to read Jeff’s arguments for this and consider supporting it/voting for it on the weekend.


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