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Watching the Ontario election campaign

Yes, that has already started. You know an election campaign has started when political ads attacking other parties or promoting your own come along on the television. In the federal Conservative Party’s case, they were in seemingly permanent campaign mode for years while they had a minority. Here in Ontario though, we have a fixed date election – one that the government actually sticks to. The opening salvo of that appears to have been during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals back on Wednesday, when Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives let loose an ad on the unsuspecting populace.

It will be interesting to see when the Ontario Liberals decide to respond in full force themselves – and the NDP for that matter. This will be a mini-version of the campaign in the US, where things seem to get revved up almost a year to 2 years before the Presidential elections. Will people here in Ontario get sick of political ads months in advance of the actual voting date, or will it give political parties more time to attack and counter attack and try to halt ideas/notions from being cemented in?


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