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Things that bug me about the Stanley Cup

One thing that really annoys me is banks making commercials trying to gain favour by going all nationalistic and pulling out the “Canada hasn’t won a Stanley Cup in 18 years!”. A newsflash to them and to a lot of fans saying the same thing: this isn’t the Olympics. This is 2 teams representing their cities, not their countries. There are as many Canadians on Boston’s team as Vancouver’s. Last year’s Stanley Cup champions, the Chicago Black Hawks, had the most Canadians of any team in the playoffs. Why weren’t they “Canada’s team?”

Let’s save the fervour of cheering for your country at actual Canada vs USA games at international events.


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    Part of being a kid growing up is cheering for your team, if you like sports.
    If you live in a city with a pro team, the kids generally make that their favourite.

    To say the 2 teams represent only their city is to refuse to acknowledge that Canada, unlike every other major Western country, shares its favourite sports league titles with a country 10 times larger and in the process has collectively deprived all of its kids of one of the joys of childhood: namely watching your own team win the big title. Even tiny Liechtenstein has its own soccer championship (even though their teams play in the Swiss league).

    To cheer for the Canadian team is simply to hope that perhaps your relatives’ or friend’s kids in another Canadian city can share a happy moment that has been collectively stolen from them in the mistaken pursuit of money and approval from people down south.

    So it does make a difference. Either someone’s kid in Boston will be happy or someone’s kid in Vancouver will be. If you want some foreigner kid to be more happy than one of your compatriots, that’s your choice. But it was the adults who sold out the country’s kids happiness in the first place. The least they could do is cheer a bit and ask for forgiveness for stealing their kids collective childhood memories and selling it to American kids.

    That is all. Go Canucks.

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