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Higher standards

I have to disagree with my blogging colleague Jymn over his way about the different ways the Democratic Party and Republican Party handle scandals.

I’d rather a party not lower itself to the level of the other guys and say “well – they did it too!”. It’s not on the same scale of this sex scandal, but the Conservative Party up here has often whined like that about “the Liberals did it too, or were far worse” when pointed out their various indiscretions.. not exactly inspiring stuff for a party that promised to do better and clean things up. It didn’t affect them this election, but it will in the future.

I’d rather a party have higher standards and stick to them and not worry about what the other guys did.. so I see nothing wrong with the Democratic Party demanding Congressman Weiner resign. It’s not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength – in my books anyhow.


3 comments to Higher standards

  • Observer

    “I’d rather a party have higher standards and stick to them and not worry about what the other guys did..It’s not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength”.

    That would be true if they actually had a higher principle they were sticking to. Unfortunately, the only thing both sides know in politics is that the Dems never have your back if you’re one of them and you land into trouble.

    Everybody down there knows this, don’t know why you don’t.
    Think Shirley Sherrod being fired by Obama in less than 6 hours. Think Joe Lieberman chewing out Clinton in a high profile media event…then being picked by Gore as his VP candidate. Think Van Jones.

    Dems will hang you out to dry in a New York minute. Never have your back.
    Don’t know why you don’t see that.

    Wouldn’t trust these guys with my life on a camping trip, that’s for sure.

  • Point taken, but I didn’t intend any equivalences. Yes, progressives should hold themselves to a higher standard and most times we do. But Vitter and Weiner’s indiscretions are miles apart but only one of them is being vilified by his own party while the more egregious offender is elevated. Weiner did offensive things but he is being raked over the coals while the more egregious sins of Mr. Vitter are almost feted by his own party and left alone by the media. It isn’t a case of ‘they did too!”, it’s more a case of the two incidents are not even complimentary but are being lumped as the same indiscretions. They’re not.

  • Ryan Painter

    I disagree with the assertion that a government will pay for ssying one thing and doing another. As we have seen, the electorate only care if money changes hands in a big way, IE. AdscM. They sont care so much if money is just flushed dwn the toilet.

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