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The CPC funding strategy: always look for enemies.

Now that the Liberals are decimated and the Conservatives have a majority government, that once favourite whipping boy for raising donations among its base is gone, so it will have to revert to other boogey-people.

The NDP it won’t touch for another 3 1/2 years, so it’s decided that the new threat to Conservative Party values is the media:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party is calling on supporters to dip into their wallets to help the party counter a new foe. In a letter sent out in the past few days, Conservative Party President John Walsh is urging supporters to help the party counter a “hailstorm” of negative attacks from the media, pundits and the “opinion elite.” …Walsh warns “the anti-Conservative opinion elite” will fight the Conservatives “every step of the way.” “Your support now will help us counter the hailstorm of negative attacks that are already raining down on our democratically elected government.”

This is the same ‘media elite’ that overwhelmingly endorsed the Conservatives, by the way, in every major media outlet. I’m surprised the CPC didn’t just say the CBC (who didn’t do an endorsement of anyone, but of course every red-blooded Conservative Party supporter hates the CBC for its supposed bias) and the Toronto Star.

Anyhow, I’m not sure the threat of the media and the “elite columnists” are so overwhelming 1 month into a 4 year mandate that it will cause the CPC faithful to go all paranoid at this point and donate, but as the core of this group are a very loyal paranoid Kool-Aid bunch, it wouldn’t surprise me if it worked.


4 comments to The CPC funding strategy: always look for enemies.

  • Stan

    Actually Sun is doing very well, beating CTV in the evening news in fact….

  • ridenrain

    Far cheaper to simply stop watching the CBC.

  • janfromthebruce

    well Scott I think that this call to arms is about diminishing/reducing/eliminating the real fallout and present love-in when the Harper Conservatives “slash & burn” social programs and attempt to privatize healthcare, and need a docile media that will “promote Harper’s low tax, job creation plans and [more importantly sing from the same hymn book to] “educate Canadians on the benefits of less government and a stronger Canada.”

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