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A short thought

Harper really needs to stay away from sporting events.


8 comments to A short thought

  • ridenrain

    Harper really needs to stay away from sporting events… Like the Vancouver Olympics? Other Liblogs posters are saying they’d rather eat flies than root for a western Canadian team.
    Talk about small town cheap.

  • JJ

    Damn straight! He’s a jinx and a bad luck troll, the opposite of a rabbit’s foot — whatever part of the rabbit that might be.

    Stop Harper! from jeopardizing the Canucks’ run for the Cup.

  • CuJoYYC

    Back in our U of C days, Harpo didn’t even like hockey. His love of hockey is right up there with cardigans, kitty cats, Timmy’s and the Canada jacket worn during the campaign. All smoke and mirrors. Nothing genuine about Stevie.

  • Why? The press eats it up. He loves hockey, don’t you know it? C’mon Scott, play along.

  • CuJoYYC

    More succinctly, that should read “Harper really needs to stay away.”

  • Or to make hyperpartisans happy our PM should take Air Canada everywhere. That would be so great to have the leader of our country in coach on a broken down Air Canada plane.

    Or we can just force our PM to stay here because he’s supposed to pay for his own security and his own jet, but continue to have the CBC give trips away as prizes to strangers on the taxpayer dime.

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