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Progressive Bloggers – Version 2.

Part of the reason I’ve not been blogging as much is that I along with my volunteer coder Chris have been working hard on getting a new version new look version of Progressive Bloggers up and going. The site has been crying out for a re-design for several years. It was very hard to modify or to code stuff, and quite frankly, it was a major drain on the server it was sitting on.

We had thought Prog Blog 2 was finally launced yesterday AM .. but realized there was some unexpected glitches in reading pages (it’s based on a WordPress system), that had people scratching their heads. We thought we had isolated that problem and were going to fix it, when the new server we sat on suddenly decided to crash. That problem has been isolated as well I think, and we were able to get on and insert a “coming soon” sign there. With some software upgrades to the server, and other fixes.. we’re aiming for tonight or over the weekend for site re-launch.

Now, I know from limited reaction we had when we were briefly up that some people liked it, some people hate it.. some people want to know why things were changed. I’ve explained partially why, but once we get the site up and going again, there will be a more detailed explanation for why we did certain things. There will be a new message board at the new Prog Blog site, and one group we created – Site Suggestions/Improvements” I expect will be heavily busy. Suggestions will be welcome (though I’d like more detail then “the site looks like crap” to work with).


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