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Killing the Senate requires the Constitution to be opened as well

My Premier, Dalton Mcguinty, has been long on the record that he is for killing the Senate, rather then reforming it, and he reinforced that with another statement to that effect in response to Harper’s proposed Senate reforms. He is joined in that belief by the Nova Scotia Premier, and both of them are in agreement with the federal NDP, who have long advocated that position.

The problem of course with calling for the abolition of the Senate is the same potential roadblock that faces changing the Senate to an elected body (notwithstanding Harper’s attempts to sidestep it, and Quebec appears ready to take the Feds to court once they proceed down that aisle), it requires a constitutional amendment.

Is there support among seven provinces with 50% + of the population to abolish the Senate? I’m a bit skeptical myself. I also part ways with Mr. Mcguinty on this issue: I think the Senate can serve a useful purpose as an elected body. I think a modified Australian federal model would serve us well without plunging the parliamentary institutions into gridlock.


2 comments to Killing the Senate requires the Constitution to be opened as well

  • Banditbruce

    I’m for abolishing the senate, and yes it would require the Constitution to be opened, but I don’t think it would be as troubling as reforms which can get complex.

    Simply, hold a referendum. I am quite confident that given the choice, a vast majority of Canadians would choose to abolish it. We don’t have senates that the provincial level anymore, and the provinces function fine.

    After such a popular referendum, you would have 7 premiers with 50% of the countries population endorsing the change. In fact, I think you would have them all. It’s really difficult to defend such an archaic undemocratic body.

  • ck

    I find it mind baffling that other than conservatives, of course, why anyone, especially in la belle province, where they hate Harper, why they would want to maintain the status quo where the senate is concerned. You do realize that Harper will have 25 more flunkies and brown nosers to appoint until 2015?

    The Supreme Court won’t be helpful neither. With the upcoming retirements of Charron and Binnie, plus other retirements, Harper will surely appoint the most conservative ideologues in every which way he can find.

    That’s just fabulous. A Socon HoC. A Con Stacked senate, stacked with his buddies and a court stacked with ideologues.

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