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Hudak’s Harris-like approach

In case you missed it, the Ontario Progressive Conservative party had a convention this weekend. There was a lot of, shall we say, extraneous stuff that was going on that distracted from this event, but you shouldn’t let the amusement of a wayward Blackberry from a PC candidate and an even more tortured explanation from Tim Hudak’s officials get in the way of other things that was going on there.

There are some questions about Hudak’s policy financial shortfalls and where he’s going to make up the money to pay for what he’s offering Ontario for electing him. What most concerns me though is stuff like this coming out of the PC camp:

Hudak kept repeating over the weekend that his party will not “try to be all things to all people” — which suggests he will not try to be the government of all Ontarians, but would rather target those tempting demographic slices that lend themselves to wedge politics. Party officials talk openly of a social media strategy that stresses mobilization over persuasion — preaching to the converted rather than proselytizing to non-believers.

Some would say that’s Harper politics, but I look farther back and remember this is what Mike Harris did with his brand of politics. He specifically targeted certain demographic groups and played them off against each other. For 2 elections, it worked for him. A sure sign that Tim Hudak and his Progressive Conservative Party wants to go back to those days is the P.C. delegates giving Mike Harris a roaring standing O when he was introduced to the crowd. Hudak and his party think we should go back to those days. I’m not sure the rest of Ontario does. Here’s a reminder of what Hudak wants to go back to, and what the governing Liberals are offering as a way forward.


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