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Liberal leadership stuff

Briefly this AM, a few thoughts on the state of the Liberal Party:

1) I think the choice of Bob Rae as interim leader is a good choice – the only choice really. He is an experienced parliamentarian and former Premier who will be capable at this rather thankless job.

2) I’m not particularly happy that the only choices for the Liberal Party delegates is to either have an election for a new permanent leader in 5 months – or 18-21 months from now. I would have preferred a “third option” of somewhere in between. That said, if those are the 2 choices, I’d have to reluctantly choose the latter option.

3) Alfred Apps still should be tendering his resignation now as LPC Party President and not waiting until his official term runs out.

4) The question of party renewal remains, and what definition we’re using for “renewal” – an honest attempt to engage the LPC grassroots, listen to their concerns and attempt a complete revamp of how this party operates, or some “top-down” attempt from the Liberal leadership to superficially pretend they’re listening, while trying to avoid as much change to the party structure as possible – which hasn’t exactly had a good history of working of late.


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