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Ontario Politics: NDP getting a mini post-Layton bump

The Ontario election is still a few months away, so it’s a bit early to be predicting election outcomes, but it appears this Nanos poll shows that Andrea Horwath is gaining some ground on both parties in Ontario. The NDP and her haven’t released any policy of note yet, so the only conclusion one can come to (as Nanos did) is that the Ontario NDP is benefiting from a post-federal election NDP bounce (which is kind of ironic, since Ontario recoiled a bit from the Orange Wave, which helped Harper get his majority by winning those urban Toronto seats due to vote splits).

Early yet, as I say.. but Premier Mcguinty should know from watching the recent election that it’s very hard when you’re the centrist party to have to fight a 2 front war against both left and right. He needs to neutralize one of them to counteract the other. He still has time to do so.


1 comment to Ontario Politics: NDP getting a mini post-Layton bump

  • janfromthebruce

    Should Dalton should talk with Iggy in how well that strategy worked for him. The plan completely backfired, whereas the NDP became the OO. When digging a “hole” quit digging.

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