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These Conservatives aren’t libertarians..

…nor are they as concerned about government intrusions into people’s lives as they profess to be; witness the new online internet surveillance powers they have proposed in their “crime legislation”:

The package is benignly nicknamed “lawful access,” but isn’t benign. If the Conservatives move forward with it, it would feature a three-pronged approach focused on information disclosure, mandated surveillance technologies, and new police powers…The first prong mandates the disclosure of Internet provider customer information without court oversight…The second prong requires Internet providers to re-work their networks to allow for real-time surveillance..Having obtained customer information without court oversight and mandated Internet surveillance capabilities, the third prong creates a several new police powers designed to obtain access to the surveillance data.

There is also concern that something like hyperlinking would get someone in trouble with the law if it was to an offending article, as would using anonymous names or pseudonyms. I’m not a fan of the latter, but they have their place and I certainly don’t think using one should have someone subject to prosecution.

Now that the Conservatives have their majority, it will take public pressure – and more importantly, the Conservatives supporters pressure – to get them to modify this rather concerning part of the legislation.


2 comments to These Conservatives aren’t libertarians..

  • Stan

    I guess you guys missed it when the liberal gun registry introduced warrantless searches to Canada?

    Look it up fools.

  • TofKW

    Well, there is a bright side to me ending my commentary on these political boards, as I’m not about to give up my anonymity on the internet (too many creeps in cyberspace for my liking). And that is there are a lot of Harperbot trolls out there who will have to stop as well. There will be a certain degree of satisfaction in knowing their own fearless leader had made their actions a criminal offense.

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