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The week ahead

Good Monday AM from a rainy SW Ontario. I’ll be interested to see if the papers and media this week are full of stories on the Liberal Party – which so far hasn’t drifted away into obscurity following the election results, as some have predicted. This is mostly due to the internal debate within the party about what to do, and the fact there’s nothing political wise going on until Parliament resumes in June. You can only talk about young inexperienced NDP MP’s from Quebec so often.

Hopefully, the publicity on the Liberals can be channelled into a good thing, regarding the votes and such.


3 comments to The week ahead

  • Roll Tide

    I think the Liberal party lost when they became satisfied with the limited goal of denying Harper a majority.
    All I heard was….”Mr Harper, you do not deserve a majority”…..”Harper will never get his majority”…

  • TofKW

    Still trolling ridofbrain?

    Hey, I have a better question. Now that the supreme court won’t hear their appeal, will the Conservatives now pay back the money they owe the taxpayers for what they swindled in the in-and-out scheme?

  • ridenrain

    Such as that nice story in The Hill Times about Findlay, Dion, Rae and Iggy all still owing money for their leadership campaigns.

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