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Here advice, there advice, everywhere advice

It’s an interesting morning of everyone offering advice to the Liberals on how to go about their leadership selection. Some say we should pick a new leader – and a preferably young one – immediately, as outlined in our current Liberal Party Constitution. Others preach caution and say we shouldn’t pick a permanent one for 2 years. That would involve having to skirt or change the LPC Constitution, which some of the Liberal Party leaders have been trying to do behind the scenes (much to some of our dismay, I might add).

Some say we shouldn’t worry about a leader who’s “light” on policy – Harper and Layton didn’t get to where they were based on policy after all – but others have said we can’t rely on a “messiah” to lead the Liberals out of the wilderness.

Personally, I don’t have answers to what is right, or what isn’t.. but I’ll go back to my first paragraph and say whatever the decisions are, it should involve the Liberal membership at large, and not a few Liberal Party elites/backroom boys making decisions in secret. The only reason we’ve even heard about this constitutional amendment is through a “leak” in the press. I’m rather annoyed it appeared the rest of us weren’t going to hear about it until it was a fait accompli, which it may still be.


6 comments to Here advice, there advice, everywhere advice

  • The comment by Jenny above is exactly why the struggle must continue. Let’s take a careful look at her language shall we? These are the key phrases “finally destroyed,” “Layton’s kindergarten,” “crushed,” and “Liberals losers.” Here we have clear evidence of a Party that is driven by hatred, fear, irrationality, and a mean-spirited violent consciousness. These are the reasons that the Conservatives are a party to be resisted with all the power that we have as people of conscience who care about a better society not just a more efficient and controlled one. Time and again you can read such comments by conservatives, comments that use the language of hate and violence. It must be stopped because a better world means one that is driven by compassion, caring, and a genuine sense of fairness and justice.

    Sometime one makes exceptions for angry language, but keep in mind that this is how the Conservatives talk when they are in a winning position of power because all they know is fear and anger.

    Canada must be saved from this evil and even if the so-called union of the left is necessary to do it, it must be done. Jenny’s language of hate will destroy everything that is good in society and will drag us back to the dirt from whence we came.

  • wondering

    Maybe I’m just naive, but I think these claims of “destruction” are really premature. Things can change a great deal from one election to the next. For a long time, it was believed that the NDP would never see 40 seats again.

    I’m a big believer in hard work, perseverance, and the right policies at the right time. Mind you, I don’t feel the need to back a winning party either. Just the one that speaks to the right values.

  • ridenrain

    Before you rebuild your party, you’d better grab control back from the insiders who crashed it in the first place. This wheeling and dealing on the constitution just shows how little accountability the party has to it’s members.

  • Jenny

    Why don’t you people concede that Harper won the election and finally destroyed the Liberals? You now have a choice to be with us or Layton’s kindergarten. The choice is very clear. Harper will be there for another decade at least. I make the offer to Liberals to join the good side. Do not resist the fate of your party. Let’s finally get the job done right and change this country for the better. We will become a small government but powerful nation. Harper’s economic reputation will probably lead the G20 nations and set the agenda for all. Criminal activity will be crushed. I don’t know why anyone would want to hang around Liberal losers anymore.

  • drewski

    If we’re going to have a “virtual convention” to amend Constitution to delay the leadership race, why not delay the interim leader choice till then (not much is gonna happen before the summer break anyway) to give the grassroots a say on the interim leader by holding a “virtual referendum” at the same time?

  • Good post. I think one of the primary problems of the Liberal Party has been the perception that it is out of touch with average members and that it is just run by an elite machine of shadowy leaders. I believe it would be a potentially fatal error if the party circumvents its own constitution in order to satisfy some abstract claims about time etc. Go through the process of choosing a leader the way the constitution demands and make sure that he Party also does a great deal of work concerning its policies and identity.

    Maybe this will result in a rejuvenated party and maybe the Liberal Party will fail to once again attract the largest block of voters. Either way, failure to do it in this clear democratic way set out by its own constitution will surely mean that the Liberal party will be relegated to the dustbin of history.

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