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Quit while you’re ahead

If I was a political candidate, and the political party I was running for finally won a majority government after a couple of tries, I’d be pretty happy about it, even if I lost in the riding I was running.

Not so for defeated Conservative candidate Marty Burke in Guelph. He decided to show people why he didn’t show up to a couple more all-candidate meetings to do debates, with this sour-looking sore loser interview in the Guelph Tribune. As it was, people and voters saw enough of Burke to decide he would not represent Guelph well – even in government, and returned Frank Valeriote – one of the few Liberal MP’s to survive in southern Ontario.

One consolation – with this interview, I suspect Burke has ensured he won’t be running again in Guelph, as voters now know what a low opinion he has of those who voted against him.


4 comments to Quit while you’re ahead

  • “Candidate admits Conservative government deliberately neglect opposition ridings” — should have be the headlines for these sorts of news.

  • ck

    Simply winning that coveted majority wasn’t enough for those clowns. Burke did sound a bit like Larry Smith did before the election; that whole if you don’t vote for us, your riding won’t be served properly schtick. Liberal won in Lac-St-Louis anyway and Smith came in third. It was close for awhile, though.

    I also seem to remember Jane Taber chastising Ignatieff for not making that ego-stroking phone call to Harper. As if Ignatieff owes Harper anything.

    Now there are three judicial recounts where 3 cons risk losing their seats to the benefit of potentially two Liberals and one NDP er. I wonder how Harper and his clan would react if all three ended up losing due to the recounts? He’d still have a healthy majority, but something tells me it wouldn’t be enough for him, particularly losing yet another one in Quebec (Montmagny-L’Islet-Kamouraska-RDL).

  • I couldn’t agree more. As you may know I met Frank at a blogger event you organized. I found him to be genuine and I am sure he was re elected due to his good works. The CPC candidate likely should have deleted the first half of his email.

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