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Your ‘updated’ Liberal ad on Harper quotations vis-a-vis health care

I’ll bet the Cons are wishing they didn’t demand the Liberals changed their ads. They’ve just re-jigged them to add a whole mess of Harper quotations on healthcare:

Run that ad 24/7 Liberals.


6 comments to Your ‘updated’ Liberal ad on Harper quotations vis-a-vis health care

  • Roll Tide

    Regarding the health care ad. IPSOS just released a sample of over 6000 Canadians regarding who you trust on health care.

    Look at the results closely, its a large sample.

    Liberals may want to pick another topic, they are driving Liberals over to the NDP with this ad.

  • Roll Tide

    Mansbridge just reported a shock “CROP” poll that puts the NDP ahead of the Bloc in Quebec.
    It will be released tomorrow.

  • Adam

    As a physician, I am encouraged by the injection of some solid debate on the future of our health care system…

    Oh wait. Nevermind.

    It does a great disservice to our country and the state of health care delivery to have fear mongering ads like this. It’s like a public un-education campaign, how bold.

  • The Liberals should have been running this ad for the past few months, or couple of years for that matter. There is so much to get Harper on that you could make dozens of ads like this addressing all the issues of Harperland.

  • That ad is a great one!!!

  • This is the ad I’ve been waiting for. What took the Liberals so long? Please broadcast it many more times during tonight’s games, Liberals. Now!

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