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What’s at stake – and Rabble watches Sun Media so you dont have to.

One of the toughest political ads released by the Liberals to date – but we should make no apologies for it. Harper is preaching he wants and needs a majority? Think about what he’d do with it if given that chance. I’m sure Conservative partisans don’t mind if he gets it, but this ad doesn’t speak to them, any more then Ignatieff’s call to “Rise up” did.

Also, decides to launch a Sun TV monitoring site. That site will be plenty busy, I’m sure.


3 comments to What’s at stake – and Rabble watches Sun Media so you dont have to.

  • badbeta

    I’m glad you liberals aren’t watching Sun News Network. Gives you more time to spend repaying the money your party stole from the Canadian taxpayers. While you are at it, when does your party plan to name the dirty MP’s and candidates from Quebec that took dirty ADSCAM money as revealed at the Gomery Commission?

  • Your are right, they have nothing to apologize for here. The Cons have set the tone for years now and this ad barely scratches the surface of how bad Harper is. With a Harper majority we would be back to the death penalty, outlawing abortion, no gay rights, and worse. Far from apologizing, there should be plenty more ads like this one.

  • ck

    Looks videotron will be carrying FNN after all. I figured it would, given both are owned by Quebecor. I hear Shaw is offering 6 month free trial, I imagine it will be similar for Videotron. 6 months? Usually a channel free trial is no more than 30 days. How desperate are they?

    If there is a free trial on Videotron, I think I may well tune in for a few laughs. It could be fun watching Chuckles’ Adler’s blood pressure hit the roof, or Brian Lilley on with groupies from REAL women and other stepford wives clubs, and of course, the piece de resistance, Ezzy Levant having a Glenn Beck moment; blubbering a la Vicks Vapo Rub. Wonder if any of those wingnuts will be bringing in chalk boards and start drawing crazy venn diagrams?

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