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Fight the “so what” culture – Rise up

Yea, so a gazillion other sites have posted this video… but I make no apologies for posting it either.


6 comments to Fight the “so what” culture – Rise up

  • Al

    Thousands of people “rose up” during the G20.How effective was that? I’m not saying I agree with the violent aspect of that episode,but to me it just shows democracy is already lost in Canada.The polls keep telling us that Harper is in the lead,but with who? I’ll tell you who. It’s those minority of Canadians that does bother to vote. Until it’s made mandatory to exercise your franchise all results are not legitimate.

  • MontrealElite

    Prairie Kid prefers Canadians like his leader; robots.

  • PrairieKid

    That’s not Canadian. That’s an American style speech. I couldn’t care less but Canadians aren’t into that type of speech. Just watch. There will be absolutely no movement in the polls. If anything, his numbers will slide because everybody knows where Iggy’s heart is. It’s just a little clearer now. Rise up is what the numbers for the Conservatives and NDP will do.

    • kitt

      Ya I know CONS are counting on Canadians not caring about their country as Americans do but WE DO CARE!! And the Reformatories are destroying everything that is Canadian. Maybe not now but very soon Harpers CONS will be shown the door as Mulroney’s CONS were.

      • Windsurfer

        Perhaps Prairie Kid should put his head between his legs and kiss his ass goodbye.

        Prairie Kid: I don’t give a damn if it was Yankee Ballyhoo………….. it hit me and I think it’s going to start to get traction with lots of others because it has now been broadcast far and wide.

        I know, I know, I know what you’re going to say …………nothing to see here, move along.

        What # is that in your playbook? #73?

  • Saskboy

    It’s strange seeing passion from a Liberal leader, it’s been a while.

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