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A variation of ‘a chicken in every pot’ – but in Huntsville.

As my blogging colleague (and Liberal candidate in Oshawa) James Morton noted, the amount of money and largess spent in Huntsville comes out to $2735 per person in that town.

Nothing against Huntsville, or that riding, but if you’re going to spend money there, you’d better do it within the confines of the law. There are some major questions this morning surrounding if that’s the case:

The (Conservative) party is left on the morning of the potentially most pivotal day of this election campaign in major damage control, scrambling to contain fallout from a leaked draft report by Auditor General Sheila Fraser outlining wanton, and maybe illegal, G8 spending. In the draft, shown to Canadian Press reporter Joan Bryden, Fraser paints a picture of Industry Minister Tony Clement holed up at a ritzy resort in his riding, plotting how to dole out $50 million available for 32 projects.

…Fraser also found that the $50 million came from a requested $83 million to alleviate border congestion, something the government never told Parliament. “Therefore, in our opinion, Parliament was misinformed,” Fraser wrote in the January draft.

Border congestion? Where is the US border near Huntsville, exactly? Are there that many boats crossing Lake Huron from the US side?

The Conservatives are reduced to claiming through leaking February drafts to the press that those explosive words are gone, but as I’ve seen from some reporters on Twitter, the February report still looks bad for this government, regardless of the word semantics they wish to play (As an aside, I wonder what the final report’s wording looks like – curious they didn’t bother leaking that, if they have it. Either they don’t, or it’s worse then the February one).

This feeds back into Harper’s and the Conservatives contempt for Parliament, and makes a sham of them being financial prudent stewards with taxpayers money. It will definitely be a major issue at the debates tonight. Is it a game changer? Perhaps. It all depends how effective the opposition parties strike their blows, and more importantly, what the public thinks of this. It’s clear that Conservative supporters are not going to change their minds – they parrot loyalty to Harper regardless of what he does. The opposition parties must find a way to motivate and anger folks who aren’t committed to vote one way or the other and to get them to the ballot box. This might be their catalyst. They need to strike the match.

I’ll say this though; trying to defend it by saying “Adscam was worse” by some Conservative supporters I’ve seen isn’t going to cut it. Your guys have been in power for 5 years, and came in promising to clean up government. It appears that promise was blowing smoke in people’s eyes.


3 comments to A variation of ‘a chicken in every pot’ – but in Huntsville.

  • …trying to defend it by saying “Adscam was worse” by some Conservative supporters I’ve seen isn’t going to cut it.

    Um, Adscam wasn’t worse. Muskokagate apparently cost us 50 million; Adscam cost us 40. Add this disgusting waste to the CPC’s other boondoggles (Harper’s inactive “appointments board”, for just one example, is costing us millions to do nothing), and you’ll find that Harper has corruptly burned more tax dollars in five years than the Liberals did in twelve.

  • Jon Pertwee

    Ridenrain = spam

  • ridenrain

    So much noise, so little results.
    “Only the final report that is tabled in Parliament represents our audit findings and conclusions,”
    Till then, this is just more barking from a frantic media.

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