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Campaign briefs – Monday AM

A good morning to all! As usual, the Nanos polls flipped all over the place this weekend with Nanos trending first favourably for the Liberals, and then doing a slight reversal today. That’s the deal when you get rolling polls with small regional samples from day to day. We have the debates starting tomorrow, and as I’ve said prior, that might be the first time a lot of voters are paying attention, but we’ll see. Certainly more experts in their specific fields are levelling praise for the Liberal Family Pack; hopefully more voters tuning in tomorrow and during the French language debate will think the same thing.

Speaking locally, if you’re in Oxford County, you might be interested in a blogpost interview done with Tim Lobzun, Liberal candidate for Oxford. I’ll confess to having a part in making that interview happen. I met Tim over the weekend – a very smart, cerebral guy. He’ll have his hands full here in Oxford, but I applaud him for stepping up to the plate in a tough riding.


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  • Anyone being on BBC tv and some panels has to do a great deal of thinking.Ignatieff should be okay, of course the fellow from TV Ontario is ‘Blue’
    Nanos is like that,high then lower. Oxford county has always been Conservative, where I live in Perth it has been both, PC and Liberal..and is now Conservative..would I like to see that change.

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