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C = ‘Chicken’

I was reading this column this AM by Warren Kinsella at the Sun, where he waxes philosophical and tries to ask his readership whether or not the forced ejection of students doesn’t go directly against “conservative values” (which he helpfully lists for his readers, in case they’re not up on that).

It’s early yet, and there may be yet an attempt at a good rationalization, but the comments I see here here so far don’t even attempt to answer the questions he posed as to why a conservative would support actions that go directly against what conservatism as a philosophy would utterly condemn. Not only was Harper chicken in debating Ignatieff one on one, the Conservative supporters are too chicken to address Warren’s questions.

It appears being chicken is a Conservative value as well.


2 comments to C = ‘Chicken’

  • kitt

    There is no Conservative party in Canada. They have all left Diefenbaker party and what is left are Reformatories.

  • To make it perfectly clear, I think this is Harper CONservativism, not the conservativism as practised by Mulroney, Charest, Clark and Diefenbaker. Harper does not have the conviction of his own beliefs to let them stand on their own. He thinks that hiding them and by using subterfuge and lies can he get others to support him.

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