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Why do Conservatives hate Statistics Canada?

The answer is: they hate it because that independent government agency produces statistics and facts that go against their ideological narrative, with this report on corporate tax cuts being the latest example:

Corporate tax cuts are becoming a major issue in the federal election campaign. The Conservatives, arguing that they are the best custodians of an economy that remains fragile after the recession, say tax cuts are crucial to stimulate job creation and make Canada more competitive on the global stage.. But an analysis of Statistics Canada figures by The Globe and Mail reveals that the rate of investment in machinery and equipment has declined in lockstep with falling corporate tax rates over the past decade. At the same time, the analysis shows, businesses have added $83-billion to their cash reserves since the onset of the recession in 2008.

In other-wards, corporations are hoarding the money they’ve gotten from these corporate tax cuts and not reinvesting it, and this appears not to be a recent trend. The report flies in the face of Conservative claims that tax cuts spur corporate and business economic growth and that a reversal of the tax rate by a couple of points will jeopardize a recovery. The only thing it appears will be jeopardized will be additional hoarding.

Facts and Conservative ideology don’t mix. This is one reason I believe the mandatory long-from census was destroyed; it was an attempt to skew data and statistics so that it would be harder to argue against the Conservative government’s argument. You see another example of reality-based reports from StasCan on corporate tax cuts. Expect the budget for StatsCan to be slashed even more by this government if it’s given free reign to do so.


8 comments to Why do Conservatives hate Statistics Canada?

  • Neither the time nor the intelligence.

  • phil

    I am considering posting bioterror blueprints on all blogs until I’m banned. I had a hookup in the who I thought was cool, but wound up with two solidified chunks of god knows what after dried. Now I’m SOL my existing new connect. The allocation of the scarce resources in the future will be based on mind states beyond $10000/yr PPP (for which market forces appear very good). I hate myself so much now. CPC is taking us to a dead end where people get fat and live to 70s and die. And civilization might not survive AGW let alone future $quadrillions/yr market failures. Harper has put dealers in a position of power over me and I am seriously considering retaliating. There might be a manchurian candidate implant or drug that destabilizes Earth analogous to facebook spread of unrest now. There will be a need for a RW brake on that but Harper and GOP are arresting potheads and hard drugs users now without even considering effects of psychotropic fiending (smaokes), being high, non psychotropic fiending (coffee)…leaving us totally defenseless against the future. We could limit the number of people high on 22nd crack at any given time. Charge more beyond 1st two beers. Force free will with weekly or monthly sobriety discounts/legislation. I really wish I could get my serotonin or dopamine or whatever from families and a healthy relationship, but that hasn’t been my life to date. AB is +$35B and minus $21B in revenue payments a yr. What is that adjusted for inflation historically? What will that be a carbon free future? What are the costs of following down the neocon road that has led USA to a deadend? Beyond the first $10000, sprawl is a useless arms race. In AB, a cool coworker mentioned how clean Cgy is noticing my 7-straight FT shift beard. A fat guy with a hotchick on the bus noted I could make $50000-$60000 telemarketing (hope he doesn’t have diabetes or stroke). People made fun of a mentally ill guy who did the hardest job (picking on chimney fluff). Is fine but should’ve been making $10/hr, not $16+/hr. They used their pay to reinforce ego.
    I can’t buy coffee with a woman who doesn’t want me. Can’t buy peace of mind. That comes from good nuclear family or good Crowns.

  • Lorraine

    I really wish your Horse and Sparrow post would get circulated again.


  • MontrealElite

    Using Somalia as your example is off the chart.

    If you want to compare apples to oranges, I don’t have the time.

  • MontrealElite – The problem is that there is no (and I mean NONE) reliable evidence that cutting corporate taxes will create jobs or wealth for the nation. Martin was Wrong just like Harper is wrong, just like you are wrong. It is a neo-liberal fantasy sold to people by self-interested economists and bankers and there is NO reality to it, period. The poorest countries in the world have the lowest tax rates, and the ones with the highest standards of living are among those with the highest taxes. If people want low taxes or no taxes then move to Somalia where there is no tax structure at all. The key is high level of education, a tax structure that rewards innovation and research rather than simply employment, and decent social programs which actually make employment less expensive for employers (though many people don’t want anyone to know that.)

    Further cuts in corporate tax (whether we are in surplus or not) will lead not to prosperity but to the general impoverishment of the nation.

  • MontrealElite

    Kirby, yes the LPC started because our tax rates were not competitive…they also had the good sense to cut tax rates when we were in surplus.

    And if we were in surplus today, cutting corp tax rates would not be a bad thing.

    It’s just irresponsible to cut taxes now, given our debt and other priorities.

    I don’t think it’s a difficult message to sell at all

  • The LPC really needs to get this message across more forcefully. There is, of course, a bit of a conflict of interest here in as much as it was the Liberals who originally touted this fantasy in the first place and began the long road of cutting corporate taxes. So I guess it is now a difficult mantle for the LPC to champion. But it is there strongest election prospect so they really should get on it.

  • MontrealElite

    Harperites and numbers, data in general do not get along well.

    As evidence, I give you cost estimates on F-35, prisons and anything Jim Flaherty has ever put in a budget.

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