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Evidence the Liberals good campaign is starting to resonate

Harris-Decima had the gap between the Conservatives and Liberals trimmed to 7 yesterday. This morning’s Nanos has the gap lowering from 14 back down to 9 today, and more importantly, the Grits are leading the Conservatives (narrowly) in Ontario and with over 40% in Ontario for the first time in a long time that I can remember.

This is all empirical evidence that the Liberals good campaign and the Conservatives non-campaign/sloppy campaign may be starting to turn the polls a bit in the Liberals favour (subject of course until the next poll).

People are just starting to pay attention and I think there will be blips here and there until after people watch and judge the leaders debates.


9 comments to Evidence the Liberals good campaign is starting to resonate

  • kwittet

    what shocks me not really here is that as an ex conservative supporter and never a liberal or dipper supporter is that any of you think that whether harper or iggy or jack get elected that the sun is suddenly going to shine brighter in canada.
    you guys should realise by now that they are all the same.
    i have gone to work every day over the last 30 years and watched my taxes go up every year and the standard of living decrease every year no matter which group of idiots are governing. there is no real choices to make things better.

  • I just want to know who the (non-Albertan) idiots are who are still indicating an intention to vote CPC. Their water urgently needs to be tested.

    I don’t care if you self-identify as a “conservative”. I so self-identify, and I know how frustrating many elements of Canada’s socio-political status quo can be for those of our disposition. But, Christ Almighty, even those who weren’t dispirited by the lethargy, mendacity, and moral squalor of Harper’s last ministry must be disgusted by what has been the most inept and torpid governing party campaign since Campbell’s ’93 self-immolation.

  • Flaherty, when he was in Ireland , lauded their Coreporate tax rate…anybody knows what happened there!

    • Redrum

      yeah, it’s funny we don’t see Harper singing that John Lennon song:

      “If you had the luck of the Irish,
      You’d be sorry, you’d wish you were dead”

  • kirbycairo,
    Thank you, you saved me having to repeat what you have said so well. PraireKid is obviously nothing more than a sod buster Tory troll who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to political parties track records with respect to financial responsibility. Thank god we have good Liberals who can ‘edumacate’ him on that. 🙂

  • Dear PrairieKid, Once again you demonstrate your ignorance. The tie between corporate tax cuts and jobs is a TOTAL fabrication on the part of right-wing economists and is not demonstrated by any reliable statistical work. This is seen fairly easily here in Canada as the Corporate tax rate has radically fallen and the unemployment rate as not significantly changed. Stop peddling this fantasy! Furthermore, I don’t see any right-wingers having a cow over the huge spending promises of Harper who promises to spend MORE on his jets and prisons than the Liberals do on their Family Plan. Face it, if you were really worried about spending then you would be voting Liberal because it was the Liberals who put the country’s finances back in order after the last disastrous Conservative government.

    The Conservative story is all fantasy. Harper has increased debt, deficit, and the overall size of the Government and now he wants to bankrupt the country to build unnecessary prisons and buy unnecessary fighter jets. Fiscal responsibility my *ss!

    • Great reply Kirby… Please blog this. Perfect answer to all the Conservative tripe about lowering taxes. Lowering taxes kills the country, and doesn’t really help corps (not when we have among the lowest taxes anywhere – and corps generally pay little to no taxes). What IS proven to bring jobs/business to Canada is our public health care system, our social programs, etc. (studies HAVE proven that).

  • Mark McLaughlin

    The “leading Ontario” figure is for only the last day of polling and a total of 400 people for the whole country. The margin or error must be staggering.

    Pretty dishonest reporting to use the three day top-line numbers and the one day regional numbers in the same sentence.

  • PrairieKid

    All the media has been all over the Red Book like it’s the Bible. Wait until Canadians look a little deeper and realize that the numbers don’t add up. For instance. How many jobs will be lost by the corporate tax cut increase? No mention in the Red Book. John McCallum said there would be job loses. How many job loses and how many billions of dollars is the Cap and Trade going to cost Candadians? No mention in the Red Book. How many billions of dollars funding sports arenas? Windor rapid transit corridor? No mention in the Red Book. How on earth are we going to pay for all of these? Unless of course the new Red Book follows the course of Red Books 1 – 13 and ignores half of what’s in them.

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