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The Liberal Platform – a prudent document

Very briefly, as you might know by now the Liberals released their platform yesterday – the whole thing. Some might call that risky deciding to release the whole platform only a week and a bit into the campaign – the risk is that Liberal announcements for the rest of the campaign might not have as much impact since they’ve already been all released in the document. On the other hand, how many Canadians have really tuned in to the election yet, or will even read the document? I think it probably was worth the risk – you get to make a splash on a Sunday – which is normally a slow news day… and you get it out there a day early so it can be talked about on Monday.

Your full Liberal platform is here, with full and summarized PDF’s of the document available. Compare that to the Conservatives, who so far have promised 2 tax credits that won’t come into effect until at least 2015, keep muttering darkly about “‘coalition” conspiracies, and who now are falling back unto promising to officially try to kill the gun registry with a majority. Pretty tired stuff coming from that bunch.


3 comments to The Liberal Platform – a prudent document

  • ridenrain

    Where’s the stadium in Quebec?

  • If Harper did all those social would be in every newspaper headline and they would say he was great, helping everyone and his polls would go way up ..he doesn’t do much now and they are up in the polls. Harper lies when he says only the Conservatives can get us out of deficit and do a better job with the economy…bull!!!

  • Oh and don’t forget, in Welland, Harper promised to get rid of the long gun registry , but he needs a majority. The media sure love him.

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