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Guelph voters: take a good hard look at your Conservative candidate Marty Burke’s views.

I have a rather keen interest in the Guelph riding for this election, because I graduated from the U of G and lived there for a time… not to mention I was helping out a (minuscule) bit in the Liberal nomination race and the by-election-turned general election in 2008, which got Frank Valeriote for the Liberals elected against a candidate whose main strategy was to avoid as much media and general voter contact as possible.

This time around, the Conservatives have nominated a candidate by the name of Marty Burke. Marty was a very prominent letter writer to the Guelph Mercury and Kitchener-Waterloo Record, and it’s where we discover what his views on certain topics are:

On Jan. 28, 2004, Burke’s letter to the Kitchener Waterloo Record was in response to the death of a Canadian soldier, Cpl. Jamie Murphy after an attack in Kabul by a suicide bomber. Murphy was just the seventh soldier killed in a mission that has now claimed 155 lives. “Another priceless Canadian soldier dies on a near worthless operation, all in the name of saving face for a useless Liberal government,” Burke’s letter read.

This would be the same mission that Harper and the Conservatives took ownership of and proclaimed anyone virtual traitors that opposed the mission or questioned whether we were committing illegal acts against the Geneva Conventions. I’m curious about whether Marty still thinks it “worthless”, not because of my own views on the mission, but how his views seem to be radically unlike his Conservative Party.

What else did Marty expound on? How about the former Governor-Generals Michaelle Jean and Adrienne Clarkson? He didn’t think much of them:

On Aug. 13, 2005, the Guelph Mercury published another of his commentaries on the political news of the day. Martin’s Liberal government had just appointed Jean, a Haitian-born journalist with Radio-Canada, to replace governor general Adrienne Clarkson, a Hong Kong-born former CBC journalist… “Canada’s reserve of female, visible minority, immigrant, former CBC commentators with odd husbands available to become the governor general has been dangerously depleted to crisis levels,” Burke wrote. “In fact, by my calculations, there are none left.”

Of course, since he’s been nominated, he’s suddenly gone to ground with those views. He lauded a Sikh temple being built in the Guelph area – no doubt with the prodding of Conservative leaders who are trying to woo that particular “ethnic community” into voting in greater #’s for them. He couldn’t be contacted to comment on this story (no calls returned) – which is not surprising. That is a standard operating procedure from the Conservatives when they’re trying to elect a candidate with potentially too many controversial views in what would be considered a moderate to progressive riding – particularly an urban one with a university population.

He may hide from the media, but he can’t hide from the public forever. He’ll have to show up at those all-candidate debates. The voters of Guelph should be ready to ask him if he still subscribes to those views, and what else he might not like.


7 comments to Guelph voters: take a good hard look at your Conservative candidate Marty Burke’s views.

  • Frank will take Guelph. I’m hoping John Lawson will come out at least ahead of Burke.
    I bothers me to think that the way some people vote a certain way, regardless of the current personnel (“once a Buick guy, always a Buick guy”), you’d think these people’s DNAs were hardwired a certain, irrefutable way.

  • SRP

    But to carry on even further, I have to question the integrity of the Conservative party. Harper’s campaign was airing Michael Ignatiaff attack ads 3 months prior to the set election… If you ask me, he sounds like a deranged character like Mayor West off of family guy constantly paranoid that God forbid there is a democracy here! But of course, Canadians will just pass it off as an other commercial not taking into account the math involved… if you put 2 and 2 together, our taxes are feeding his paranoia… personally I wouldn’t care this much if he had put thought into his campaign and not recycle his old dirty sound bites that have been publicly proven to be lies. Even throughout history, the Conservatives were more useless than George W. Bush during a crisis. Just look at the Avro Arrow, we scrapped a fantastic piece of technology even to this days’ standards because Deifenbaker was in bed with the Republicans. Mulroney nearly tried to sell out our Great Lakes to the States but back then Canadians cared… if Harper sold the Great Lakes today, I am almost positive there would not even be a riot. Come on Canadians!!! The States got rid of their Bush… Atleast the Liberals don’t hide their information and when they attack their opponents, they have facts.
    I’m fairly certain if Harper wrote a book it would either be plagiarized or beside Sarah Palin’s book on the discount table. >.<*

  • SRP

    I have never been a fan of the Conservative party of Canada mainly because on a Federal scale they are the most useless… The Conservatives are fantastic on a Provincial level because they are for industry and bring industry into the province… however, when it comes to the whole of Canada our industry is eaten up and thrown out by the deals made with Free trade. Not to say that Free Trade is the most horrible thing but it’s why we virtually have no factories left or if there are, will shortly be laid off due to this recession which was caused by the Conservative Defecit. To which in this election the Conservatives make promises like the new Family plan Harper has been raving about but has absolutely no clue how to fit it in his budget until the defecit has been paid off. But off course if there is an outburst he can always once again use his power to prorogue parliament which Canadians completely forget out… and suprisingly so when he did it not once but twice… If Bush had done that the American’s would have at least gotten the clue the first time… hence why a smart man is in power in the States… but I digress from the Canadian ‘ignorance is bliss’ simplicity when it comes to politics.

  • nic coivert

    Flush them out!

    Guelph is a such a lovely city. It deserves better than a Conservative MP who hides his real opinions under a rock.

  • Whoa! Heavy, heavy! One conservative down, only 307 more to go. 🙂

  • Scott, as UofG grad, this will make you proud.

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