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Make up your own mind about Ignatieff at his open online town hall this Sunday.

I could write about lots of things this evening: the narrowing daily poll that Nanos Research released this AM (now a 6.4% gap between CPC and LPC), or the fact Harper has decided to chicken out of a 1 on 1 debate with Ignatieff that HE OFFERED, but backed away from once Ignatieff accepted. But, I’m going to instead pass along this that I got from the LPC – an open invitation to ALL Canadians – not just LPC members – to watch/attend the live town hall where the Liberals platform is going to be released:

Tune in on Sunday, April 3, at 11:00am EST, to a special live town hall that will be streamed online at – the first platform launch of its kind. During the event, Michael Ignatieff will unveil the Liberal Platform and answer questions from Canadians.

The Canadian Learning Passport. Family Care. The Secure Retirement Option.

These are the policies that the Liberal Party is proposing in response to the issues that matter most to Canadians. We want to put Canadian families at the front of the line by rolling back unnecessary corporate tax cuts and eliminating wasteful spending on mega-prisons and fighter jets.

..During the launch, you’ll be able to ask Michael Ignatieff anything you want about the Liberal Platform. No question is off limits. We want to hear from Canadians like you who will be building our Canada alongside the next Liberal government.

RSVP for the livestream now — and submit your question for Michael Ignatieff here.

Will we see Harper offer a town hall where anyone (who isnt a Conservative or friendly voter) get to ask him any question they want – ie why are you only allowing 5 questions a news conference and none at local CPC events? Highly doubtful. Mr Bubble-boy and his handlers would never want something to make Harper look bad.

Harper and his handlers and the Conservatives have spent millions of dollars on pre-election ads trying to smear Ignatieff’s commitment to this country and his patriotism. Well.. here’s your chance to make up your own mind about the man. I don’t expect the Conservative parrots or loyalist will change their mind, but for the everyday voter who isn’t aligned with a party, this is an opportunity to give the guy a fair hearing and shake.


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