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Election 41 is under way!

There’s an election going on in Canada right now, if you were under a rock over the weekend. I’ll be brief this morning; There have been a couple of polls out there proclaiming a Conservative majority. Ekos is not; they have a Conservative lead of single digits – yet to come is Harris-Decima and Nanos.

The point to this? We’re real early in the race. I’ll not yet worry about polls at this stage. I’ve actually been rather happy with how Ignatieff has handled himself the first two days, and if he can keep his performance up to and into the leaders debates, the Liberals should be fine. I don’t have an issue with how he’s handled the coalition kerfuffle either. If Harper wants to try and win an election for the entire campaign talking about nothing other then the dangers of a perceived coalition threat that Ignatieff has just very publicly sworn off of, go nuts is what I say. I don’t think it can be sustained over the entire campaign.

The Liberals of course will need to eventually switch gears from this. I’d prefer sooner rather then later for such things as democratic reform and so on., but I can understand why they’ve chosen to address it early. Now we need to remind Canadians why we’re in this election in the first place. We don’t support corporate tax breaks.. we don’t support un-tendered contracts for stealth fighter jets, and we don’t support the contempt Harper has shown for Parliament.


11 comments to Election 41 is under way!

  • I saw on TV Ignatieff’s speech in Mississauga. He seemed confident, casual (but not too casual), and was very good at showing expression. He told a story about a young single woman who wanted to use her trade-ticket, but was unable because she had no childcare.

    As for Ignatieff’s opponents who express current poll results as commented above. Remember that an election is meant to change opinions of voters–not to reaffirm the polls. If Ignatieff’s team can run a well-organized campaign, the Liberals can win the most seats. I can’t predict how the election campaign will turn out. I do think that the current polls are meaningless.

  • Alison S

    Roll Tide, Ignatieff may have lived in the US, but it is Harpie who has brought us US style politics and who has trashed this country in the media in the US.

  • kwittet

    and the mud slinging begins…too funny
    northern….i suppose thats the only way iggy will strategic voting

  • Northern PoV

    We need to stop splitting the anti-Harper vote.
    Please check out a voter-based party-independent initiative that will help rid us of the Cons:

  • Roll Tide

    Ignatieff’s never had believability with Canadians.
    I think it stems from why he is in Canada.

    • Jon Pertwee

      Have you asked every Canadian or is this just another conbot assumption?

      The second point is sooo stale Roll Tide. So why do you have a problem with Canadians going abroad to better themselves? Why your prejudice against ex-pats Roll Tide. What makes them less a Canadian than you? Why are they less of a Canadian if they go abroad to improve their careers and lives and you do nothing?

      • Roll Tide

        The problem is that
        Ignatieff saw himself as an American, in speech and script.
        He only came back because Liberal bagmen talked him into thinking he could become PM.
        Canadians are not stupid, they see this.
        That is why he has Stockwell Day-Stephan Dion numbers.

        Keep your head up though, campaign’s matter.

  • ridenrain

    Too bad no one believes what Count Iggy says.
    “Only 17% of those surveyed were prepared to take him at his word.”

    • Jon Pertwee

      “Only 17% of those surveyed were prepared to take him at his word.” – First, this is taken out of context. This is a comment from Leger Marketing in regards to their polling study for the coalition. The study was commissioned by Quebecor, used a very small sample rate and has a margin of error of 3.1%. A sample size of 1100 people? They dont have a link letting us know what questions were asked and how much they might of skewed the results. A bit of push polling for you Ridofbrain?

      So why the apprehension for publishing the poll Ridofbrain? And why did you twist it so far out of context Bill? That’s not being truthful and honest at all and Im pretty sure the numbers for trusting Bill Kiechle are even lower.

      • ridenrain

        What’s funny are the number of Liblogs who are clearly questioning what the coalition will look like even though your master, Count Iggy has denied it. Clearly many here on the Liblogs don’t believe Iggy either.

    • marie R

      riden rain, go stuff your head in the garbage bin. You are a rather sad case of an actual sensible human being. Sad that all you dim wits are so brain washed and acting like a bunch of immature school yard bullies. Take a hike zombie.

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