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Some immigrants are better then others, apparently

Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals released this ad a few days ago with an ad explaining his family’s roots and how they came to Canada.

The PMO decided they needed to respond to this. After all, they’ve spent considerable money on attack ads smearing Ignatieff’s patriotism, and they came up with this ugly response.

Ignatieff came back with a forceful response, but I find it distasteful that the PMO decides to issue this smear – not only who qualifies to be a legitimate ‘typical’ immigrant, but they issue it when the PM has jetted off to Paris, as if they did the timing of this on purpose, so Harper couldn’t be asked about it if he endorses their view – at least not immediately.

I would like to see Ignatieff confront Harper over these cheap smears at any leaders debate during an election. Put Harper on the spot and on the record whether he thinks Ignatieff lacks patriotism, or that his family wasn’t “real typical immigrants”.


24 comments to Some immigrants are better then others, apparently

  • ridenrain

    Have the Liberal leaders paid off their debts from the last election and leadership race?

    • Jon Pertwee

      and Paul thinks Im a troll.

      • Paul

        Jon is not a troll. He is a blind deaf and dumb Liberal and ridenrain is a blind deaf and dumb Conservative.
        I am just trying to find anyone who deserves the $1.95 per year that a political party will receive from my vote. Are any worth two cents.
        Could it be that none of the parties have earned anyone’s respect, trust or whatever to receive a majority of votes?
        It would seem that every election the bums should be thrown out.

        • Jon Pertwee

          Oh please Paul, you’ve tried the “non Partisan” schtick before and failed. What’s with the assumption of my political leanings by the way? Funny, because Paul S regularily accuses me of being a NDP supporter. What you both have in common though is a lack of proof. Just your opinion.

          But hey, keep up the act.

  • ridenrain

    A commoner pretending he’s a count is far less insulting as a count pretending he’s a commoner.

    • marie R

      Give it up RR troll!! Ter!! I am surprised you still vist it here and spew the Harpy spin lies unless you are one of the cons MP who is fighting for his own political life and pay chech but I doubt that he is. He’s to damm stupid to ever be elected by any party. Goodbye RR Troll.

    • bull caller

      Well RR, in response to your desperate post….

      …Better a government that can count, rather than one that can’t determine the cost of their own legislation.

      Ouch. Back to the war room for some more talking points, junior.

  • Bull Caller

    Stephen Harper, born into a cushy suburb of Toronto as part of an upper middle-class family with ties to big oil, later flunked out of university and got a job with Daddy at Imperial Oil in Calgary. After languishing within the halls of the UofC he finally got his degree (economics, basically philosophy for nerds) and then a gig as a policy wonk for Presto Manning. And they have the balls to ridicule the other guys? It is to laugh.

  • Perhaps, after Harper had riciculed Ignatieff, he figured it would not hurt to tell about his background..after all Harper ads are so bad that people say they do not know Ignatieff enough. and like CK, I do not find anything wrong with that. If the Cons had any scrupples, they would not have touched it.

  • Roll Tide

    Ignatieff caught himself in a lie here. When the Toronto Star calls out a liberal, you know you blew it.
    Then blaming Harper and playing victim?……..Ignatieff has got to do better then that.
    Liberals would be wise to quietly drop the ad.

    “They came here with nothing”
    Micheal Ignatieff

    “The Ignatieff immigrant experience is one of significant wealth, first-rate educations and privilege. Very few Canadian families can claim this “immigrant experience.”

    – the Toronto Star

    • I can’t find this info in the Toronto Star. It can be found in the Globe and Mail. However, the quote you mentioned is apparently from a Conservative website.

    • Loraine Lamontagne

      Oh no, you got this all wrong. It’s the Conservatives who caught themselves in their lie.

      They issue a statement that the Ignatieff family “have never ceased to enjoy great privilege, as a function of the financial and educational resources and social status they brought with them”. They provide no document to back their claim; it is purely and strictly their opinion.

      At the same time, the Conservatives publish on the Government website which is their responsibility, and for a period of many years, information about the Ignatieff family: that George had to be pulled out of LCC for lack of financial resources and that the extended Ignatieff family had to live under one roof during the depression. These are verifiable facts that remain undisputed by the government. These facts contradict their statement on the continuous wealth of the Ignatieff family.

      You cannot be too poor to pursue your education at LCC and at the same time “never cease(d) to enjoy great privilege, as a function of the financial and educational resources and social status (the Ignatieffs) brought with them”. It’s one or another.

      One of these is a lie, and if I have to choose between a number of verifiable facts and an opinion, I’ll choose to believe facts.

    • Ted

      Ignatieff was 100% accurate in his video.

      The Conservatives lie and distort and make stuff up and blur facts from different periods of the Ignatieff experience.

      They came to Canada with almost nothing. They became farmers and lay railway tracks that connected a nation. They rose from manual labour to the heights of Canadian civil service. They worked hard to provide a better life for their sons and Michael Ignatieff benefitted.

      Just when you think the Conservatives couldn’t go any lower, they prove us wrong once again.

  • At least it’s good that Ignatieff fought back about his family. Had he done nothing, people would be asking, “Where’s Ignatieff/Iggy?” My advice to Ignatieff and others who are attacked by the Conservatives is not to take things personally. Always refer to Conservative attacks as attacks on Canadians. For example, if Ignatieff is “just visiting,” then he must demonstrate that the Conservative hate any Canadian who has immigrated and become a citizen within the past five years. If they attack Ignatieff’s intellect, then he must state that he is proud of working hard to get where he is, and he must also state the Conservatives’ contempt for all Canadians who seek lifelong learning no matter how they do it. If he wears a fire helmet while at a campaign stop, and if the Conservatives make fun of him, Ignatieff must attack the Conservatives’ contempt for fire fighters.

    Frankly, family members should not figuratively be deflowered by the Conservatives or anyone else.

  • Lexy

    I quite agree with you on this. I watched Mr. Ignatieff’s response re the attack and he is clear and direct, this current PM crosses the line, badly, he has introduced distasteful attacks never before known in Canadian political history.

    It seems to me that the CONS leading the charge are playing their base for fools. Harper and his crew have learned by the US Republican playbook, they encourage racism and bigotry within their base.

    I was appalled and saddened to read the narrow mindedness and bigotry of conservatives at this Conservative Party of Canada Facebook page:

    Very sad.

  • bmaggiemay

    Canadians all know that the Supreme Leader Harper doesn’t want any more Arab immigration into Canada…they might oppose his pro-Israel agenda…he has largely lost the “ethnic” vote in Canada..the only way to fix that is to fix whom he allows into Canada

  • ck

    I think it was a mistake for Ignatieff to bring his family into the fold in the first place. He should’ve known better. Should’ve known it would’ve made for another attack ad for the Harpercons. He isn’t helping himself by getting all indignant about it. It shows thin skin on his part. Politics is a blood sport where thick skin is required, particularly with Harper and his band of shrieking monkeys, where everything is an attack ad and everything is personal. He should quit while he’s behind.

    Folks are determined to think the worst of Iggy anyway, he is hated that much; by progressives as much as Harpercons.

    Also, he should really concentrate on how the Liberals would bring accountability and restore democracy back in CAnada. Apparently, he flopped big time, hemming and hawing when The Mark’s Nick Van Der Graaf asked him that very question.

    If this continues, Gerry Nicholls’ prophecy will indeed be realized–the elimination of the Liberal party, which I think not only Harper and his cheerleaders want, but also,( albeit misguidedly, because they think Canada is a progressive country, which it isn’t,) NDP supporters.

    • Loraine Lamontagne

      So it’s OK for Harper to bring in his wife and kids on tv ads because his family’s off limit – but not Ignatieff’s? Why is that?

  • ridenrain

    The problem is Count Iggy has made a career (of sorts) writing about his family and it’s past glory. He’s also written about American exceptionalism and praised George Bush. He’s all but cornered himself in his own words and it’s the Liberal party who are desperate to paint him as Canadian. Smart man indeed but politically indefensible here in Canada.

    • Jon Pertwee

      could also be the problem of conbots like you blindly spewing the same partisan shite. Then again you are ridofbrain and your view isnt really considered credible.

      • Paul

        Scott – Why are you allowing uncivil public debate and discourse by Jon. Have you not heard enough of his brilliant wit?

        • Jon Pertwee

          Oh come on Paul, I am not nearly as hostile as Bob, nor hypocritical such as Ridenrain. Why do you play the hypocritical offended role? Free speech for thee but not for me?

          • Paul

            Conservative tactic of claiming to not be as big a bunch of thieves as the Liberals.
            Jon claiming to not be as bad as Bob or Ridenrain and so under the cloak of free speech continues name calling. Can you not stick to the issue of discussing what a poor downtrodden bunch of immigrants the Counts ancestors were? Focus Jon!

          • Jon Pertwee

            Oh please Paul, I’d prefer to discuss the odious lows that the Conservatives stoop to in order to retain their grasp on power. Not really honourable at all.

            Under the cloak of free speech… coming from a person who uses the mantle of political correctness. Ironic.

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