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Remember Adscam? No one was going to care about that either

I see Conservative supporters frantically mentioning at news blogs and blogs opposed to the Conservatives that no one would care about this latest scandal – to go along with the other problems they’ve had:

A former senior advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper was lobbying Indian Affairs to land water contracts potentially worth millions of dollars for an Ottawa-based water company that employed his fiance who was an escort.

You remember a thing called Adscam?  No one supposedly would care about that either. As it turns out, after a sustained amount of listening about it,  the public did care.  Now, we have a government that’s caught up in a series of mini-scandals and been shown to be in contempt of Parliament – twice. Maybe one of these events didn’t register with the public, but a series of them in short order sure might. (plus the Liberal ad to remind them of past indiscretions – which was released before the Carson scandal broke).

Throw in the corporate tax cuts (which a new poll shows a majority of the public oppose, and even want raised), plus the Stealth F-35 questions, and suddenly, there is more then enough justification reason to go to an election – Japan earthquake and Libya notwithstanding, and any other reason Harper tries to throw out there trying to stop an election from inconveniencing him.

It’s time to replay this ad that’s on the left side of my blog right now. From the horse’s mouth, as they say.


35 comments to Remember Adscam? No one was going to care about that either

  • marie R

    Bobby is nothing but a coward,likey suffering from bi-polar and off his meds. Probably spaced right out of his mind. Bully, immature, moran and a liar to boot. Not really much there is there? In other words, nothing but wasted space. Go play in your sandbox kid or better yet, wear dark clothes and go play in in the middle of the highway or Go Jump off lions Gate bridge.

  • I think I’ve seen enough of Bob. I hope other people out Surrey BC way are more civil in public debate and discourse.

  • Bob

    Most liberals are losers because they are pussies. They don’t know how to fight back. Liberals are passive by nature.

    Liberals expect everybody to play by the rules, but when that doesn’t happen, they cry foul, it’s not fair, do you think it’s easy to make priorities?

    The only problem is, nobody gives a shit, nobody listens to Liberals, except other loser Liberals.

    • Jon Pertwee

      sure Boob. You are so tough behind that keyboard.

    • Ottlib

      Such hatred.

    • marie R

      I think maybe you might be shut down here. No sense arguing with an immature child, loser and moran. I’ll bet Bob would run and hide if he ever were confronted face to face. He is nothing but a bully, common coward and wasted space. Yoy know Bob, we are not all cowards like you are and secondly, we are not afraid of bullies. We simply push back and feed them their own bull shit. Go play in your sand box or better yet on the highway at night wearing dark clothes. Goodbye Bobby, may you RIP, nobody will miss you.

  • Scott such a comparison is absurd. The problem was Martin naïvly believed that he could use an inquiry to win the Liberal civil war and still come out unscathed. It will go down as one of the biggest blunders in Canadian political history. Never has a political party tried to inflate a scandal but that is what Martin did. No one will ever be that dumb again.

  • ridenrain

    Just so much noise and bluster and only 1/5 of Canadians even follow politics anyways.
    Unless this is another coalition run, you Liberals should really man up and fire your own appointed leader instead of making all of Canada do it.

    • Jon Pertwee

      So is this just more of your usual talking points of non substance and conjecture. Funny thing is if you google ridenrain/Bill Kiechle you find you have little of value to say on any topic.

      Ive had a good laugh at things you’ve put in technical forums.

  • Ridenrain: The current scandal (which one is it today?)… Oh yeah… “in and out”… is also about TAXPAYER funds – as in the rebates Conservative MPs tried to get, or got, with this scheme. Maximizing their campaign expenses so they could scam the biggest rebate from the tax payers.

    Also, you like to talk about Adscam… Great. Firms that were BOTH Liberal and Conservative were implicated (PCs used them, as did Quebec provincial parties). The Liberal Party did not see the funds. Rather, low level operatives (for example, like a Conservative constituency organizer in AB, or a former political staffer) helped their private enterprise friends out – and paid for it. NOT ONE SINGLE LIBERAL MP WAS EVER IMPLICATED. Now this Conservative scandal is much different: SITTING MPS ARE IMPLICATED AND COULD FACE JAIL TIME. It has yet also to be determined how involved Harper was in all this.

    Big difference. You can argue semantics all you want, wrong is wrong, and jumping up and down crying, “the Liberals did it, the Liberals did it too”… only makes you sound like more of a leetch. The Liberals, first of all didn’t do this. They didn’t try to SUBVERT DEMOCRACY AS HARPER HAS. They didn’t try to cheat in an election by SPENDING WAY OVER THE LEGAL LIMIT.

    I really couldn’t care what your response will be… I’m just exciting about going to the vote – polls be damned!!!

  • gord

    If we give Bob and Ridenrain a moment they will let us know the reasons why Conservatives should not do to the Harper Government what progressives did to the Martin government; namely throw the bums out . The adscam scandal and other questions about the Liberal ethics caused their defeat, because of the lack of support from progressives. Harper was able to win a minority by promising greater accountability and openness and a stronger ethic in Governmental affairs. Unfortunately, it appears that the Harper Government benchmark was simply to be as dishonest and unethical as what the liberals were.

    • Bob

      progressives, sheeple, useful idiot’s, enviro-mentalists

      • Jon Pertwee

        Sure Bob. I guess that makes conservatives criminals, ethically challenged hypocrites, corporate slaves.

        • Bob

          criminals, ethically challenged hypocrites, slaves would be Lieberals like you Jon…….

          • Jon Pertwee

            sure Bob, that’s why you parrot the official conbot lines so loyally. Big fuzzy sheep you are.

            Are you unable to flip over when you fall on your back like other sheep Bob?

  • Bob

    We’ll remind voters of all of this too;

    When the Liberals were in office we saw massive cutting of transfers to the provinces for Health, Education and Social Services, the raiding of the pensions of the Public Service, the RCMP and the Military, the illegal appropriation of some $54 Billion Dollars paid by workers and their employers into EI, myriad scandals involving graft and corruption by the Liberal Party, the most notable being ADSCAM, and one of the most infamous quotes coming from Justice Gomery saying of the Liberal Party, ‘they are criminally organized”.

    The Liberal Party is toast, there is no way back.

    Will Ignatieff suggest a national carbon tax just like the hapless Dion did before him?

    After all, he claimed the carbon tax was his idea.

    And when will they pay back that missing $40 Million from ADSCAM?

    What about the $162 Million Taxpayer Dollars Paul Martin’s CSL received while he was Finance Minister?

    • Redrum

      yeah, go ahead Bob — rerun the 2005 and 2008 campaigns against the former gov’t, if you want.

      That may be useful, to us: many of the CPC’s soundbites & ads from then are great to hoist it on its own petard, about it not being right to support a corrupt a government even if it does enact some particular policy one might favour (a great clip of Harper slamming Layton for that in 2004 or 5 than Mansbridge ran on The National’s “At Issue” last night).

      But the real-time election is against THIS gov’t and it’s appalling record of democratic abuses and, yes, corruption.

        • Redrum

          well, it was called and waged mostly in 2005 (it was extra long, cuz of the Xmas break), and concerned the events of that year, and I considered writing 2005/2006, but figured anybody with half a brain would know that.

          but fine: call it the 2006 election.

          “This unusual winter general election was caused by a motion of no confidence passed by the House of Commons on November 28, 2005. The following morning, Prime Minister Paul Martin met Governor General Michaelle Jean, who then dissolved parliament, summoned the next parliament, and ordered the issuance of writs of election. The last set January 23, 2006, as election day”

    • ck

      @Bob “When the Liberals were in office we saw massive cutting of transfers to the provinces for Health, Education and Social Services, the raiding of the pensions of the Public Service…”

      Rich coming from a party whose leader’s wet dream is to do all that and so much more if let loose with a majority. In fact, if you’ve been payin’ attention, it’s been on Jimbo Flaherty’s mind lately as we approach 2014.

      • Bob

        You’re a mind reader eh ck?

        What a tool………..loser

        • Jon Pertwee

          such eloquence Bob. No wonder you are losing the argument.

          • Bob

            Another loser, how much have you donated to the Lieberal party Jon, “0”?????????????

          • Jon Pertwee

            Oh Boob, you know I dont have to disclose anything and Im really not interested in playing “who’s penis is smaller with you”

  • Bob

    The committee hearings are a farce and on video for all of Canada to see.

    They find the Conservatives in contempt yesterday before having the time to go through the evidence provided?

    Canadian voters will see this for what it is, nothing but a witch hunt by a desperate coalition of losers.

    Bring on an election, Conservative majority on the way, you Fibs will lose twenty more seats.

    • Redrum

      The PBO’s office, who knew exactly what to look for, DID review the new binder, and reported back to them yesterday that it was still missing 65% of the info they asked for.

      • Bob

        Kevin Page has been wrong every time so far……….redrum, nice handle for a retard.

        • Redrum

          bull… it’s the TD economists who have been revising their forecasts on the fly, to catch up with his, for the latest year, and to be as wildly off for the future years as they have been for the past 4.

  • ck

    Not to mention, Ridobrain, your man oh so dreamy Stevie didn’t follow one recommendation from Gomery. So, that really doesn’t give your side the monopoly on morality, now does it? You sure love throwing ADSCAM in our faces, but do nothing to show you’re any better. The only difference is it’s ok, because Stevie is going to bring you that Neo-con Utopia.

  • ridenrain

    ADSCAM was all about taxpayers money.
    All I see here is “inside sources” and media hype.
    Dry and stale as last months communion wafer.

    • Jon Pertwee

      Like you can talk about ethics. You are the one that kept trying to peddle your guilt by association theory of Christy Clark.

      Guilt by association, “it’s okay cause the liberals do it”, apologist for authoritarianism; You’ve got a pretty messed up idea of what right and wrong is to be lecturing or ridiculing others ridofbrain.

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