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An unexpected set of new ads from the Liberals (but welcome).

If you’re a Liberal, a pleasant surprise to see another couple of political ads being rolled out. This one is apparently a more substantial ad buy then the prior two, and this one was accompanied by an email from the Liberals asking their members to donate to the LPC if they’d like to see these on an extended run on the television. As you might expect, I like the one going after Harper – it gives a summary of his basic arrogance towards Canadian democracy. The one that has Michael Ignatieff talking to the camera is a nice touch too, talking directly to the people about the economy.

What I’d like to see, if funding permits it, is to roll the original two ads the Liberals released back into circulation to go along with these two (the ones dealing with corporate tax cuts and stealth fighter jets). Create the narrative, as they say, with all these issues. The other thing I’d like to see is perhaps Ignatieff doing another appeal to the cameras to address these ridiculous “He didn’t come back for you” ads the Conservatives have been smearing him with. However, I do realize you need to save some ammo for a campaign, so we’ll see if that is planned in any ads during a potential campaign.



4 comments to An unexpected set of new ads from the Liberals (but welcome).

  • I have read on the web that the Liberal ads will be coming soon (Sorry no link). I think that the Liberals will be saving their resources for the actual election campaign.

  • sid

    Haven’t seen them on TV yet so they might as well not exist when I am getting bombarded by Harper ads. More liberal incompetence under Ignatieff, guess I shoudn’t be surprised.

  • Ads are vey expensive..I sent my small donaion, which will help, some. Harper likes to use our money for some of his ads

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