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Harper’s cynical political opportunism on the Japan tragedy.

If you want to see an example of how politicians will sometimes use a tragedy to advance their own political interests, probably the best (or worse) example has just been given by our so-classy Prime Minister:

“The fact of the matter is this should be a wake-up call that we cannot afford to take our focus off the economy to get into a bunch of unnecessary political games or, as I said, an opportunistic or unnecessary election that nobody was asking for.”

So in otherwards, according to Harper, a forty-one day campaign is going to totally paralyze the Canadian economy and country because of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. If Canada had this tragedy happen to us, he would have a point. He most certainly does not in this instance.

It is one of the more self-serving/political opportunistic/stupid statements I’ve seen come from any Conservative since they’ve been in power, and that’s saying something, coming from this bunch.


9 comments to Harper’s cynical political opportunism on the Japan tragedy.

  • TofKW

    I understand Martin and Gadaffi were good friends and business partners.

    Really Mr Lobotomy? Martin set up ties like everyone else, so Oilberta execs could get their hands on Libya’s crude. If Harper was so high and mighty on ethics, why after 5 years did he only cut ties now?

    Seriously ridofbrain, it’s not even a challenge anymore to counter your stupid BS.


  • ridenrain

    So would you use the term “barbaric” to describe Harper’s out of context quotes? Yawn…

  • ridenrain

    You want a legitimate beef that I have with this admin?
    Canada is still giving aid money to China. This is some damned policy to help starving Chinese farmers back in the Trudeau era. Second largest economy in the world yet we still give them over $1 billion a year?

    • Jon Pertwee

      Okay ridofbrain, Where is the proof for your “legitimate beef”? So far you have named a bunch of points that you have absolutely and utterly failed to connect.

      No proof or explanation beyond connecting a bunch of points without citation. Honestly Kiechle how did you complete school, or obtain a drivers license with cognitive skills so crapola?

      So provide some proof to back up your beef ridofbrain. Or continue to be an apologist for fascism, a supporter of guilt by association or just the general all purpose tool that you have proven to be for years.

      Cripes, ridofbrain, I found you on an autocad forum and you’re a useless troll there. Is there any point to you?

      • Redrum

        LOL. that pretty much sums him up: “autocad”

        Liberal or Prog blog makes a post making some wry observation or saying something to rally their troops?

        Bill automatically shows up to deposit some ill-bred snide remark on the rug.

        Bad, dog… go home.

        • marie R

          Hey Riden rain, you tweeted, I understand Martin and Gadaffi were good friends and business partners.

          Wake up call. Martin is no longer a minister with the liberals. Martin is old news and lot more respected then your beloved cult leader Harper so quit making stuff up. I would quit using his name. Canadians respected him for his honesty and following through on his campaign promise to have Ad Scam investigated. Was that your email talking point from the PMO office or is it simply stupidity on your part. I believe you Cons do not realize that you Parrots are continuously leaving behind paper trails. BTW riden rain do you happen to be Jerky on various blogs? You fit his style to the tee and thats not a compliment in any sense of the word and just as childish. I would call your leader Harpo immature, and psychotic. He is getting worse every day.

  • billg

    He’s the PM ‘ridenrain’..not a blogger, and, he should not have said it. I know its a stretch for most, but, “your” guy can screw up and you can admit it was a screw up and he can still be “your” guy. I still cant get myself to throw support at the Libs, and, as the polls indicate Im not alone on that, but, my patience is wearing thin not only at the secretive nature and antics of this govt, but, by the mindless support of tory bloggers. This govt was supposed to be better and more open, and, Libs hate this but, its same old same old. Liberal Tory same old story.

  • ridenrain

    There’s at least a half dozen Liblogs using Japan’s nuclear disaster as a attack on Harper or Hudak, so pardon me if I don’t get upset over this one.

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