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The Greens launch a very effective attack ad – on attack ads.

I’m a Liberal supporter, but I have to applaud Ms. May and the Green Party for this ad.

Well played. I’ll be interested to see if it sways or moves public opinion on the Conservatives smear campaign (for it’s rather obvious this is who the Greens are aiming this ad at).

This is not an internet only ad either – it’s  being run on TV networks. I can only hope the Greens decide to run it on TSN during the Brier, so it has a chance to counteract the endless smear and attack ads being run by the Conservatives.



3 comments to The Greens launch a very effective attack ad – on attack ads.

  • Paul

    Lets make a deal with her to not run a liberal candidate in whatever riding she decides she is now attached to. She will then be able to join the “Counts” cabinet when he forms the next government and she can continue her great works. Sound like a good plan? Why didn’t anyone else think of this? Come on people, do I have to think of all the good ideas?

  • Stan

    Pull your head out of your ass and you may see that Liz is one of the worst offenders:

    “Seriously? The same Elizabeth May who said in 2007 that Prime Minster Stephen Harper’s policy on climate change was “a grievance worse than Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of the Nazis”? ”

    You guys are so hilarious when you do your Pavlov’s dog imitations!

  • I agree with you – this could turn out to be a clever move by the Greens. People grow increasingly tired with smear campaigns and the Greens may sway the public opinion by sheer refusal to participate in such PR practices. Who knows, maybe in a year we will see no attack ads anymore.

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