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I meant to post this when I got it sent to my email but got distracted. No better time then the present to mention that a new organization has been formed in Canada – Here are some details sent to me from Tria Donaldson, as well as their press release. I’ll mention that I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea for these folks to explore a political alliance or affiliation with C.A.P.P – formerly Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, and now Canadians Advocating Political Participation. Those two organizations might work very well together, as they seem to have similar goals and objectives.


Based on the successful organizing model of from the States, will create a platform to brings Canadians together to take action for our future and hold politicians accountable. Over the next couple months, we will putting out fun video clips like this , using social media like twitter and hosting face to face events.

The press release below outlines a bit more about us:

Youth lead campaign to use social media to regenerate Canadian democracy prior to potential spring election

(Ottawa) A new grassroots movement aimed at shaking up the status quo in Canadian politics will be launched today., a youth-founded online campaigning organization inspired by the success of groups like in the States, kicked off a nationwide campaign to ramp up for a possible spring election.’s three-phase citizen engagement strategy will utilize face-to-face and online organizing to create the “Declaration for Change” – a call for federal politicians to cooperate for progress on the major challenges Canadians care about.

According to former Clerk of the Privy Council Alex Himelfarb, is exactly what Canada needs.
“Important political and social change almost always starts from outside the traditional political process. Grassroots movements – real people bound together by shared principles – are a key part of what Preston Manning has called our democratic infrastructure.”

“Leadnow addresses what has arguably been an infrastructure deficit: they provide the much needed opportunity to work with others from every region and sector of the country, to influence the political agenda by defining the Canada we want based on environmental stewardship, equality and justice,” Himelfarb added.

“Our federal government is dividing us, damaging our democracy and failing to address the major challenges that face our country,” said Jamie Biggar, co-founder and Executive Director of “Whether we’re talking about the lack of action for our environment, the unequal economic recovery, or the erosion of democratic values – this government is failing to take action on the issues that matter to Canadians. It’s time we work together for change.”

Today, unveiled their new website. Next week the process ramps up with (Re)Generation: Voices for Canada, a nationwide event from March 6-12 where Canadians from across the country will participate in face-to-face gatherings to discuss their hopes and ideas for their country and their future. Over 30 Canadians have already registered to host events from coast to coast.

“Busy people from Whitehorse to St. John’s to Victoria are taking the time to participate in (Re)Generation because they know that a different type of politics is possible – one where people are listened to, and our politicians work together on the issues that matter,” said Biggar.

The results from the online questions and small-group discussions will lead to a round of priority voting during which Canadians from across the country will complete the Declaration for Change by voting to find their top priorities for government action. Once the Declaration is complete, will ask Canadians to back it by committing to vote for the politicians who will rise to the challenge in the next election.

“Today is the beginning of a new type of politics in Canada. We will no longer wait to be told who and what we should vote for. will enable people to take politics into their own hands – by coming together around shared values, and telling our politicians what they can do to earn our vote,” said Biggar. “We will be a united force in the next election, strengthening the voices of thousands of Canadians who want a different type of politics in Ottawa.”

For more information, contact:
Jamie Biggar, Co-Founder & Executive Director ([email protected], 778-847-8205 – Vancouver)
Adam Shedletzky, Co-Founder ([email protected], 647-213-6591 – Toronto)


10 comments to launches

  • Bryan

    Just what we need in Canada, another Gaia worshiping, eco-fascist
    propaganda machine, supported by the CBC and most of the other lame street
    media , who’s aim is to de-industrialize and impoverish.
    Right Peewee?

  • Stan

    Hilarious, liberals with their appointed leader talking about democracy…

    You guys should take the show on the road.

  • Jon Pertwee

    Typical Ridofbrain cowardice. Instead of answering anyone the troll just keeps spewing his talking points

    Bill Kiechle = spam

  • ridenrain

    Roll Tide took my line because that was my first thoughts also, and look how you treat him. BC Politics is rife with these US based eco-groups and I can’t see the Liberal party members accepting that sort of influence. I’d like to hear who funds them and why they don’t just send money to the Liberal party instead.
    I understand that the US Left has been left to scrape the barrel since the Tea Party became so popular but choosing MoveOn.Org as an example is just folly. is nothing more than a fabricated media machine. Surely there are better examples.

  • ridenrain

    I love how a “grass roots movement” has a coordinated press release and media launch.

    • Jon Pertwee

      Well Ridofbrain, when you’re dealing with a bunch of cons who like to be petty and misuse the term grassroots itself it seems only fair.

      What’s with you ridofbrain? Contempt for democracy, contempt for a difference of opinion, contempt for political opposition, open belief in government talking points and belief in guilt by association (see the whole Christy Clark thread that you zipped up fast in).

      So why on earth should anyone actually listen to what you say Ridofbrain? If you actually listen to what you say you come off as a pretty dispicable person who doesnt think anyone should have an opinion other than yours.

      Then again Ridenrain=spam.

      • Stan

        Remind me again, how did Iggy get to be liberal leader again??
        Appointed by Power Corp wasn’t it?

  • Roll Tide

    “Based on the successful organizing model of from the States,”

    American style attack politics…..did you get some Soros money as well.

    • Jon Pertwee

      Well, if we start digging, Im sure we could find plenty of dodgy skeletons in the reformatorycon closet.

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