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Big shoes to fill at the Toronto Star. A legend passes.

I didn’t always agree with what James Travers wrote in his political op-ed column in the Toronto Star, but I did make sure to read it, because I knew it would either be interesting or enraging or both. A dull political writer doesn’t last very long out there, and James Travers’ writing was definitely not dull.

HIs sudden passing yesterday was too soon.  MY condolences to his colleagues at the Toronto Star and his friends/family. On the writing side of things, the Star has some big shoes to fill in its political op-ed writing area.


2 comments to Big shoes to fill at the Toronto Star. A legend passes.

  • JMR

    Jim Travers will be sorely missed, he was such a gentleman. On one occassion I emailed he about one of his colunms and he responded right away. My condolences to his family and many friends.
    Thank you Jim for all your thoughtful messages.

  • billg

    I remember watching him on TV with Susan Riley, he was making a point about the govt being secretive, undemocratic and not understanding that they were a minority…it was 2004. Jim Travers disliked bad govt’s, it did not matter who was in power, if you deserved it you got it from Travers.
    There aint enough of his type anymore which is why he’ll be missed.

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