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Will new BC Liberal leader Christy Clark live up to the party’s name?

I’ve often been critical of the provincial BC Liberal Party/Government as being LINO’s – Liberals In Name Only. They have often appeared to exhibit more of the conservative strain they acquired when the old Social Credit party members joined up with them.  Gordon Campbell was as “blue” as a Liberal could be, without actually calling himself a Conservative.

Now the BC Liberals have elected Christy Clark as their new leader (and by being in government, the Premier). One can look around at some prominent Liberal bloggers (many who I consider to be rather progressive in outlook federally) and see they publicly and actively supported her bid.  Does that mean Christy Clark will be putting the liberal theology more on prominent display in the BC Liberal Party?  I’m not up on everything Clark advocates, so I’ll leave others to ponder or debate that. (I can only hope so).



14 comments to Will new BC Liberal leader Christy Clark live up to the party’s name?

  • Redrum

    Sure r.r., I’ll renounce them.

    Obviously, it does the party no favours to have some of its fundraisers associated with shady industries or business practices (ask Minister Christian Paradis about that:

    “Bloc Quebecois links Conservative fundraiser to Mafia family friend”:
    www +–no-political-meddling-in-parliament-hill-reno-project-bureaucrats

    “Tory minister changes story, admits talking government business with contractor”
    www +–paradis-now-admits-he-discussed-government-business-at-fundraiser

    But let’s hope that the actions of rogue aides doesn’t mean that the elected party members they work for are corrupt, too: or else the CPC MP Kelly Block will be in trouble for her staffer leaking the pre-budget consultation document to 5 lobby firms, and for possibly running his own mail-out business out of the HOC

    www +–tory-staffer-leaked-secret-report-to-lobbyists-he-d-applied-to-for-job
    And as far as I know, both the BC & fed. Libs DID cut their ties with both these characters as soon as the raids & investigations happened, 7 years ago. But what about the CPC: what did IT do about these senior officials in its party who’ve been actively investigated by Elections Canada for over 2 years for what they did 5 years ago? Well, the PM promoted / rewarded two of them with lucrative Senator salaries to let them CONTINUE to be chief fundraisers on the taxpayers’ dime. One of them (Finley) also continued to head up the last election & would also be heading this one if it weren’t for his illness, but he’ll still be actively advising it.

    BTW, the “Laurier Club” isn’t anything but a ‘gold star’ name for those who donate to the max. allowable amount ($1,100 a year), just like PBS has for its biggest donors. I have no idea whether Basil & Virk donate, but as far as I know, none of the parties does criminal record checks on its donors & refuses their money accordingly: it’s obviously not cost-effective to do so. But if you think its so important to ensure that all the money donated to political parties is “clean,” how about we ban donations altogether and JUST go with the vote subsidies? I’d be in favour of that!

  • ridenrain

    As I said, Innocent as Chretien or Mulroney and nothing that hasn’t already been said again and again in the Tyee or other such papers.
    Are you going to come out and denounce those rogue bureaucrats?
    Will they continue to be Laurier members and active fundraisers in your party?

  • ridenrain

    I’ve denounced the BC Libs now that the Fed Lib have a Trojan horse in office.

    So why do these two solid, federal liberal supporters have so much in common with illegal drugs and organized crime? Were these just a couple of “rogue bureaucrats” or is this just another side of Liberal fundraising?
    I just can’t wait until she takes a run at the Feds over the heroin shooting galleries.

    • Redrum

      @ridenrain, uh-huh, so that sure sounds like you’ll continue to be willfully blind to any wrongdoing at the very heart of the federal CPC, surprise, sruprise. And let’s be clear: the Premier-designate’s brother was not charged with anything. And next time you start bandying about allegations of illegal activities in connection with the LPC, be sure to use your real name, there, Bill Kiechle.

  • ridenrain

    This left the Liblogs. Could it be that someone is ashamed of the association between Basi, Verk, the federal Liberals and the RCMP’s organized crime investigation? Only a matter of time till we follow the money..

    • Redrum

      @ridenrain, so, rather than address the ACTUAL raid of the central, federal HQ of the CPC and the ACTUAL leveling of charges against its chief fundraisers & campaign directors in the 2006 election, you prefer to speculate on some hoped-for eventual charges of some underlings (a ministerial assistant, and a fundraiser for a relatively small provincial branch) in the federal LPC? Deflect much? You certainly miss the point, as usual.

      • Redrum

        ok, some real charges, and pleading out, in the BC cases… but the point remains: why don’t you .. or will you… renounce the CPC since — or at least, if and when — their charges of abusing the campaign spending laws & doctoring the paperwork stick?

  • Redrum

    Gee, ridingcrop, does this mean you’ll be belatedly denouncing and washing your hands of the CPC party, since:

    RCMP raid[ed] Tory party headquarters
    www +

    www +

    video here:
    www +

    and, gee, it wasn’t just a paper chase: there were actual charges laid the other day of four of its most senior members, incl. two that Harper rewarded with Senate patronage appointments; charges that could result in a year of jail time

    www +

  • ridenrain

    Yup as innocent as Mulroney or Chretien.
    Basi & Virk both plead guilty, got house arrest and the government picked up all the bills.
    Nothing to see, move along.

    • Beerbob

      @ridenrain, “Guilt” or “innocence” are judgements made in a court. Sloppy smearing. Call somone a poopyhead, why dontcha? It means about the same. I never thought I would see somone as P.M. that would make Mulroney look good. Well, not so bad. Chretien actually said as much about himself: “I don’t look so bad now, eh?”

  • ridenrain

    Her own brother, long time Fed-Liberal, had his home searched by the RCMP over the BC Rail thing. If you think the NDP won’t use that in the next BC Election, you’re drinking too much kool-aid.
    A moderate like Abbott could unite the party and win an election but I seriously question if she will be able to because she’s seen as too far left.

    • Beerbob

      @ridenrain, Talk about guilt by association. Wait – there has to be some guilt (as in guilty) to associate with! This is a longstanding conservative attitude – the police decide who has commited crimes – and the investigation means that the person is guilty. What low grade subordinate authoritarian BS. Grow up.

  • Riden – stfu.

    Scott – we fought hard against the Harper minions on this one. Gurmant Grewal and friends were running Kevin’s campaign in the Lower Mainland. Thank Liberaldom Christy won.

    Can we affect real change? Time will only tell. But, this was our best “liberal” shot at it.

  • ridenrain

    On only needs to look at the people who surround her to predict what side she is on. Between her Federal Liberal palls and the crooks from the BC Rail deal, I’m sure we’ll see dramatic changes.

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